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Cheap Auto Insurance Long Beach California

Cheap Auto Insurance Long Beach California CA

Cheap Auto Insurance Long Beach California for lowest rates around you in the city of Long Beach CA. I am interested to share a post on Auto insurance for those people who are looking within LB with the lowest quotes. getting the high quality and best insurance is important for you. Global Guard Insurance Long Beach is a great company to get your insurance with the lowest rates. They offer the best and makes sure of what you need and want.  The company offers few insurances that you might be interested in and I suggest you to check them out for your better ideas. Below are the few of the insurances those Global Guard Insurance Inc offers:

  1. Auto Insurance
  2. Motorcycle Insurance
  3. Homeowners Insurance
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Renters Insurance or Business Insurance

I personally like Global Guard Insurance company for they do care a lot compared to other Insurances in California. They have many customers through out California in the cities such as Long Beach, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Paramount, Hawthorne, San Pedro, Bell flower, Compton, South Gate, and Downey and many other places in CA. If you are looking for a high quality and best cheap insurance such as Auto Insurance, SR22 , Homeowners Insurance, Life Insurance and Business Insurance, I suggest you to get one from Global Insurance Inc. You can contact to get your quotes:

Global Guard Insurance

Titu Barua



8505 Rosecrans Ave Paramount CA 90723 

cheap auto insurance long beach California
get your quotes for types of Insurance you want from Global Guard Insurance

Global Guard Insurance Inc review Long Beach : cheap auto insurance in long beach California

some of the reviews from the clients those you can check from here or yelp



If you think you got this post helpful, please share with your friends so that they could be helpful too. Thanks for checking out this post on cheap auto insurance long beach California and if you interested you can read more on other post such as How to make money online

Nokia 6 Latest Mobile Released

Nokia 6 Latest Mobile released 2017 in India

Nokia 6 Latest Mobile released in June, 2017:

Good news for the Nokia Phone lovers is that now the Nokia phones are sold by HMD Global. It is said that the Nokia serious Nokia 6, 5 and 3 are going to launch in this year in the month June in India. The Nokia Phone 6 is believed to be launched in India in June and it has been already launched on 13th June in India.  looking at the Nokia Phone 6 Specifications we come to know that it is very high-end device in the 430 processor. The mobile is about 5.5-inch LCD display with high full HD (1080) resolution. Nokia Phone 6 has 3GB Ram on speed and 32 GB storage. You could expand it if you are interested yourself. The Battery life is about 3000 mAh and having a 16 MP rear Camera,  8MP for the front camera.

 Nokia 6 Mobile Review

Let’s check out a video review on Nokia 6 phone which is launched in this year 2017 in India that should how to use the phone, more features, RAM, camera and more uniqueness of the Nokia 6 phone.

Nokia 6 and 6 Arte Black Limited Edition specifications:

  • 5.5-inch screen with 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and Gorilla Glass
  • 16-megapixel rear camera
  • 8-megapixel front-facing camera
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor
  • 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage (Nokia 6 Arte Black Limited Edition)
  • micro SD card clot (up to 128GB)
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • NFC

Nokia 6 phone price in Euro and Indian Rupees

The pricing tag has been a crucial determining for Nokia phones. The Nokia market shop has already flood the Nokia Device 6 with high flooded price. Comparing  to other Nokia phones, Nokia 6 is  seems to be the most expensive. The price for Nokia Mobile 6 carries about €229 (Rs 16,000) and with 430 processor which is a sign of most expensive phone in Nokia phones.


If you are fan of Nokia sets, you should give it a try and get the maximum experiences with the  phones. I am sure latest version of Nokia is going to be popular in India just like the other phones like Oppo, VIVO, Lenovo and more. I would recommend you to have it for yourself if you can effort it.  Thank you so much for checking out the Nokia latest launches and if you have enjoyed reading it, you can read more on Snail white

How to get traffic using Pinterest

Traffic using Pinterest: How to increase traffic on Pinterest

Traffic using Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the best social site where you can think of in case of getting a huge free traffic to your site and I will be showing you how to increase the traffic by creating boards on Pinterest and finally that helps you to boost  your Pinterest rank in the search bar.


Here the basic idea is that you will need to grow your board among the audience. You need to create some beautiful and eye touching boards those can draw attention to the board you created. I would recommend you to do a search on Pinterest where you can see the top contents or popular contents are most viewed and visited. Once you have created board, then start to visit others post which is related to your board and start to re-blog those post to your board. Do not forget to give a short description of the post you are re-blog. Use some keywords which helps the google to find your board find faster and it will rank you higher in Search Engines in case of SEO.


Getting followers is really hard at the beginning but you do not have to be worried about it as your boards are just created. You just have confident and have passion that you can success in someday in near future. So, share great content related to your niche. search the related post and follow their boards. Once you follow them, they will follow you back and it works this way on Pinterest.


This is going to be the most important part for your board. You will have to take time to engage with others, follow other boards, follow others, comment, re-blog, and sharing your boards to other social networking sites like twitter , stumble up, Facebook and more. The idea is to give get engaged with other readers and content posters.  Once you post or re-blog do not forget to get a bit busy with the contents or post you have on your board and go yo other boards and you can keep on communication with others and get into engagements.

Traffic using Pinterest
Traffic using Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Blog

Social sites are very important to as you all know and Pinterest is one those great high PR social networking sites where you can get your Back-links for unlimited free traffic to your website and your website will be given high priority to rank your blog in the first page of Google and other social networking sites.


3 tips to post on Pinterest


As we know that blogger must post content in the right time as it plays very important role in case of the SEO. Right time to post on Pinterest is very crucial and always try to post in the evening as everyone will be checking their Pinterest account. When you re-blog other’s post you can use schedule the time when you want to post and select the best time.

Eye- Touching Post

This is the secret of all the Pinterest users who want to use Pinterest as blogging platform. You should use the best picture that pays attention to some readers. Let’s say you are the reader and you came across the image how do you see them and do you think the picture is eye touching that makes you to re-blog it and that will work same way as for other reads as you. So, I recommend you to use the best picture or eye touching images for the best re-blog purposes.

Image optimization

When you are uploading your images to Pinterest or when you want to re-blog other’s post you can do it and you must use the keyword and description for the search engines to find your post. Its important to know that Google indexes your post if you have a good keyword and description in your post. Also, when others re-blog you content, then you start to get more followers and traffic to your site. If you have found post on Traffic using Pinterest, you are most welcomed to learn more about 5 Tips to grow massive traffic to your website 

Make Money Online Bangladesh

Make Money Online Bangladesh – Earning Opportunities

Make Money Online Bangladesh is the post that I am going to share with you guys and am pretty sure you are here to check out about making money online in Bangladesh. I would like to welcome you all who has interests in making money for part time or full time. I will share you few tips how you could get your income while you are busy and studying. Making money online is much easier that anything that you could think of. There are many people who won’t share with you how to make money online living in Bangladesh. But, I feel good sharing with others whatever I know and I can promise you that I have never earned anything for sharing this to you. Bangladesh is growing faster and faster in case of making money online. Okay, let’s stick to the point.

Make Money Online Bangladesh with easy tips

Easy Way to Make Money Online in Bangladesh

There are few easy ways you could make money online in Bangladesh. You just have to give time for working and it could be part time and some of the Internet  marketers make money online like working as their primary job from odesk, elance, freelancer, Fiverr and more.

BloggingThis is the easiest way to make money online in Bangladesh. You need to have a computer and access to Internet and then start blogging on the niche you are interested in and start making some revenue while you are taking rest. how often do you have to blog? It’s not that important how long do you have to blog but its about your hard time. working hard makes you more money. Basically, you are going to write someone on your website to make money online using Google Adsense. There are few programs those really pay you and Google Adsense is the top all of those earning programs you could think of. How to make Money by blogging? First you have to have self-hosted or free sub domain websites to make money. If you want to have your personal website and start making money, I suggest you do a review and learn how to do a website. If you are not interested going on a paid domain, I suggest you to create a blogspot blog from and create a free blog on the niche you are passionate about. After creating your free blog, start writing on various types of topics under your niche. Try your best to write everyday as your website is new and continue to be active writer and it will bring you a lot of visitor. Remember, the secret of making money online is your website traffic or visitor. the more visitors to your website/blog the more chance of making money. Once you have good traffic to your site, then you will have an option in your dashboard of your blogger, left side look for Monetize and that is Google adsense and link your google adsense to your blogger and you will soon start making good income while you are sleeping and hope you can earn more by following this tip. Do not forget that if you have an Adsense account could earn from Youtube too. 

If you are interested in Make Money Online Bangladesh via your website or blog, i suggest you to make money from popAds I love this site and I have got some payment too. This is authentic site that pays you. you can see a snapshot below how I could make some money with little website traffic. 

make Money Online Bangladesh using Popads

There is another site that is authentic and pays you too. If you are interested you can join you can check the snapshot how I made few bucks without a lot of traffic and this is just to make sure that they pay you.

Make money online in Bangladesh with popcash

Fiverr: This is a market place where you can buy or sell your gigs. if you are buyer you could buy as low as 5$ for any gigs you buy and if you are selling any gigs you can sell for $5 or negotiate with a custom rate. Working with Fiverr is so friend, prompt, easy, convenient and authentic side that pays you for working for others. I have been using fiverr site for sometimes for buying some gigs. How to make money from fiverr? well~ some of you guys might be wandering how to make money. I will take you through the step by steps to make you clear on Make Money Online Bangladesh. (a) go to and sign up as seller. (b) confirm your account (c) complete your profile with proper and correct information like your experiences, abilities, things you can do, things you offer, services you provide etc. Fiverr is a site popular for writing, you can help others to write for them, writing can be anything as long as what the buyer is looking for. It could be starting from Internet marketing to anything like college, university writing, SEO, Backlinks, Website creator, site designer and more common things you can offer to people. I recommend you to go though the official Fiverr website and you will have ideas on it. (d) create a gig with complete information with services you offer and put the your working/service rate (e) Payments are made via Paypal and credit cards. Fiverr is one of the best market place for both buyers and sellers to make money and to buy services for yourself.

Bikroy: This is a Bangladeshi Online Market place where you can sell your second hand products like mobiles, Computers, anything that you think you do not like to have it you can open an account in Bikroy and sell to others. That’s another way of making money online living in Bangladesh.

eCommerce Website: If you want to Make Money Online Bangladesh, you can start making a eCommerce site for products you want to sell to local and International customers where buyers can come to your site and order from your website. if you don’t know how to make an eCommerce site you can hire someone from Fiverr to do it for you in no time.

If you are living in Bangladesh and interested to make money online then you can get these tips to adopt for yourself to earn soon. I hope you liked this post and if you have found this post helpful, kindly share with your friends. You can read more about  Make Money Online Bangladesh

How to Create a Blog with Facebook

How to start personal Blog on Facebook- How to Create a Blog with Facebook

How to Create a Blog with Facebook: I am going to share with your guys for those who are interested in blogging within Facebook itself. Now people are looking various ways to create blog for sharing different topics. People are looking for a way to find out the best ways to blog and some experts are blogging. Trying to bring some ideas on how you could get started to blog on Facebook which is the easiest way of making your Facebook blogging convenient as you use your Facebook all the times. I am sure that these easy blogging tips on creating a new blog in your Facebook Profile won’t be that hard as you know how easy and addicted Facebook to users.  Now lets stick to the point and will find out the ways you can start blogging with Facebook. First of all lets check out what is a Facebook Profile and Facebook Page.

How to Create a Blog with Facebook

Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page

If you don’t know what is different between Facebook Profile and Facebook Page, this is going to be helpful to you. Okay let’s check out few facts:

  1.  Facebook Profile, you make friends, add new friends or friends from your school, University, college or working places to know them you use Facebook to talk to them. To get the latest news of your friends and knowing exactly what are they doing by posting a status and having chats. You can also do free voice or video calls via Facebook Profile.
  2. Facebook Page is mainly used for Business purposes. You can create your Facebook page for new business you are opening, celebrity, finding your Business locations and any types of business you have or plan you can get started with Facebook Page.

So, in short Facebook Profile is used for socializing with family and friends and Facebook Page is used for your business purposes.

How to start blogging with Facebook

This is the secret for How to Create a Blog with Facebook, you are looking for how you could create a blog on Facebook or how to start Blogging with Facebook? Well! There are two ways to start a blog on Facebook. You can follow the same thing applying in both Facebook Profile and Facebook Page.

  1. Go to your Facebook Profile
  2. Click on Notes
  3. Put Title
  4. Use h1
  5. Use h2
  6. Use keyword
  7. Use anchor text to create backlinks
  8. Facebook notes are SEO optimized as they are indexed in the search Engines
  9. Post daily with unique content
  10. Get lots of high quality and high authority Backlinks from Facebook Blogging

Hope you can adopt to start blogging with your Facebook account. This will improve your site ranking and also will get you instant and long term organic traffic to your blog. Hope this post on How to create a blog on Facebook helps you to blogging career.  If you loved my post How to Create a Blog with Facebook please do not forget to read more on google blogging for massive traffic to your website.

Easy Blogging tips to setup Google Blog or Self Hosted Website for Babies

What is Easy Blogging Tips? and How to Create a Blog?

Easy Blogging Tips: Blogging is writing on a topic that you are interested in. Blogging refers to making updates with contents to a website or blog. Bloggers love to write on various types of topics they are interested in and shares the things they know and share with ideas with different fields. Usually bloggers have their own blogs where they blog. Blogging has been so much habitual and interest from past few years and rapidly getting popular. You have got the idea of what blogging is.  many of the guys who want to start blogging but do not know how to create a blog. I will help you guys here to create a blog using google blogger. I am going to share easy blogging tips with you guys there are two types of blogging platforms. one is paid (self hosted) and the other one is free which is called sub domain if you are not sure.  If you want to get a self hosted website there are two things you have to do.

  1. Domain: There are many cheap domain names. there are two types. i.e. you can buy domain from same hosting you buy or you buy domain name from one company and hosting from other company. All you have to do is to point your domain to your hosting. I am sure you can get the best offers if you do a bit of research on this and get you started. companies like cheap domain, domain cheap you can get from them for you one and hosting from ipage. Then, point your domain to your hosting and if you don’t know how to get started you can go to the hosting site you bought your hosting and look for the HELP in their website, where you can see LIVE CHAT. You can ask them to help you with live chat for things you don’t know and they would do everything for you.
  2. Hosting: you can get your hosting plan from top popular companies. If you want to get the best hosting which loads fast and have free domain in some cases. So you can do a review on best hosting plans if you are not sure which one to buy. In case of the cheapest hosting plans you plan to order, then you can consider  ordering from ipage they are the cheapest in the markets when you are talking about hosting. Sometimes they also offer you free domains for 1 year as far as I know. Customer service is very good, friendly and takes care of you when you really have problems with your website loading or trouble shooting. It’s you who can decide for yourself which one you want to try and host your site.

Easy Blogging tips

Which Blogging Platform to use Blogspot vs WordPress vs Weebly vs Tumblr vs Jimdo?

Somehow you decided that you need to get started with free blogging sites. that’s good and you will just learn to play with blogging and writing at first. Now, you are confused in selecting the best easy blogging platform to use for your site. From the above four blogging platforms, these four are used for blogging but they are very different from one another. Let’s see

  1. Blogspot:  Blogspot is owned by Google and is free blogging platform. to create a google Blog, you need to have a gmail and if you do not have it, you can get one. Once you have your gmail. You need to go to, then you have to login by gmail and once you login to, there will be an option to create New Blog. So, once you start to create your blog, use the name and domain name for your blog as you desire. Blogspot is easy and friendly to users. Blogspot Blog is very HTML editing friend, means you can go to your Dashboard and edit your HTML  for your SEO purpose or design.
  2. This is another popular free blogging platform where you can get started. Sign up to create a blog, as mentioned above use the name you are interested both for Title and Domain. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit HTML and you do not have a way to design. You have to use the default themes which is boring for me to use for blog.
  3. Weebly: Weebly is good looking free website creating platform where you can create unique blog. However, it used to be so good and now they need users to upgrade if you want to use templates and for SEO, there is a way to optimize your blog.
  4. Tumblr: Tumblr is one of the best blogging template which is different from Blogspot. You can edit your HTML and use various types of template which they offer for free. Tumblr has very good reputation for Google Page rank and What I have seen two ways people use this blogging platform. One way is for getting great backlinks I will be talking about it later. The other way people mostly use for pornography image, gif and video. This is easy to use tool for text, images, videos, quotes and links. You can use it for fastest usage without having any knowledge IT.
  5. Jimdo: Another way to blog fast, just click and edit. very simple and fast. Just make the design as you want it to be. No HTML editing but you have this free blogging platform just as a website which is very similar to Weebly.

So, I would want you guys to try all for yourself but  As I did not mention which one works great for me, I would like to share with you that I like to friendly mention that I like to go with Google Blogger Blog. Google Blogger Blog or blogpost  is very easy, SEO friendly as you can edit your HTML, design, and you can use any type of Blogger templates you want to use it. Just download from google and upload the templates to your your blog and go as the design you want.

Two Main Reasons to Why do People Blog

Blogging is one the best thing one can do in their free times or full time. I have seen people started blogging as full time and also part time bloggers. blogging has become addiction to some of the bloggers.  There are two main reasons why people blog or why do people blog and what are the benefits they get from blogging. I will list two major types of blogging.

  1. Blogging as hobby/Interest: People just know that writing and sharing things online  is good and doing so makes them so happy. However, in this language we can call it blogging as a hobby or interest. When you have time, you just feel bored and then you started writing on a topic that you are interested in and share to your readers or friends online.
  2. Blogging for Income: As I have mentioned that blogging has become addiction to some of the bloggers these days. It’s because they can make huge income from blogging. Some people blog as a full time job which earns them  very good passive income by blogging. So, blogging for income is another way for the reason why people blog.

How Much Can You Earn Blogging

You can earn blogging and you do not have limit how much you can ear. When comes to earnings, it is all about your time, your site traffic, the more your site traffic the more your your sites ranking in search Engines and will make you more money. To be exact to the point you have to work hard and working hard for while help you to success for your passive income. You have to post daily or twice per week so that you will get the traffic to your site. Make sure that your earning is depended on your time and traffic. Try your best to create fresh unique content for your blog and do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your blog. Make a habit to write always and one day you will have a great results. what do you post? well~ you need to write on something or on a niche that people are looking for. If you think your post helps the audiences, then you are doing great with your post. keep on going until you have good traffic. Now let’s see you can get good traffic to your site.

Top authentic sites that pays bloggers for websites or Sub-domain

As I have mentioned if you want to earn you need good traffic. I have selected top sites you can use to get paid for your blog. You just have to use the major ones as I think it will be enough to know as you are a beginner by now. So let’s list some of the top authentic sites that pays publishers or bloggers.

  1. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is hard to get approved and if you have good content and traffic you can use the Google Ads. If you have a self hosted site and want to earn money using Google Adsense. you follow these steps. Go to and type Adsense and go the site and click sign up. Fill up all the blacks and use your exact payee name because later on you cant change it and also the country. If you are applying for sub domain or blogspot blog, then follow these steps. Go go to your blogger dashboard, check for Earnings and click on monetize, show ads as default or use as recommended by Google. Do not use more than two ads. if you think that your Adsense application is not getting approved, then you can check out this post on How to get your Adsense Approve fast.
  2. Popads: This is very good which is authentic and makes you good money too. It’s a pop up ads but makes you good money if you have good traffic. For now I would recommend you these two as they promise and proved to pay you high.

12 ways to Promote Your Fresh Blog to Get Traffic

Now you created the new post on your blog and you do not know what you have to do. I will show you how to increase blog traffic for free. In order to get ranked in Google Search Engines you have to promote your blog free. you have to do SEO to your blog and newly created blog post to get traffic to your site. Here is how you can promote your blog to get traffic free. If you follow these 12 easy blogging tips you can success your luck by adopting these top 12 easy blogging tips.

  1. Add URL to Google:  As soon as you create your Blog, website or free blog both can be applied. Just go to and type Add URL to google. open the link and add your newly created website to Google which means you are adding your website to Google to index and letting Google know that you have a website and Mr. Google will do the everything and will show your post every time you create.
  2. Verify your site with Google Webmaster Console: In order to track your site, you have to verify your website to Google. how to do it? go to and type Google Webmaster tool or Google Webmaster console. Then add your site, submit your sitemap which is important too. Do these two things first and your site will be indexed as soon as you post to your blog.
  3. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a tool to track your own site what is happy and behavior of your audiences. You can use this tool to know how people are finding your site and what are the search queries they use to enter into your site. Later, you will have a big image of the Google Analytics once you continue blogging. For now, you just sign up for Analytics and verify your site with this tool.
  4. Google Page: Everything you post on your website, you need to share your content to your google page. Set up your google page which you can do it using your gmail. Verify your site with Google page so that every time you create new post to your blog, your post will be automatically posted to Google Page which is helpful for your site to be found in search engines faster.
  5. Google+ Profile: Create your Google+ profile and start following others and make a authentic Google plus profile so that you have people in your circle and you can add people to your circle which helps you to make friends and also get engaged among other people. Google Plus is a must social mediate by Google for anyone and it’s good for blogger too. You can share your blog post always to get indexed to google faster and many instant visitors will arrive to your site from google+ and also Google indexes fast if you share your blog post to Google Post.
  6. Youtube: Videos can speak a lot more then the contents sometimes. if you have a video related to your topic you have discussed on your site, it would be nice for you to leave your link in the Youtube videos  description areas, so that people who watch your videos would be able to visit your site by clicking your link and it will be helpful for you for boosting your site traffic.
  7. Facebook Profile or Facebook Page: Facebook is one of the best social networking sites. Facebook has billions of users and bloggers use Facebook to make friends and promote their business with their page. whenever you create a new post you just have to share your post to your Facebook friends, groups, events and Facebook Page and Facebook will boost your site for traffic and ranking.
  8. Twitter: If you do not have an account, you can sign up for using it. Twitter is one the top social networking site to promote your site. Simply create new post and share to your Twitter account and start follow other members to make your account popular and once your account gets huge followers, then you are capable of getting huge number of visitors per day.
  9. Pinterest: Another place where you can share your post. This is very popular for images. In the past people did not pay attention to this but now it’s very popular to promote your blog via Pinterest. If you don’t have an account, you can create for yourself and start sharing your contents to your Pinterest account. that is very eye touch and user friendly site.
  10. Reddit: Top social bookmarking site for you to generate more traffic to your site. You are recommended to sign up free and submit your link or post link you newly created to Reddit. If you are smart enough you can get 1k-10k traffic per day and people are doing it so. OMG! if you have such traffic to your blog, there will be wonderful passive dollars to your pocket.
  11. StumbleUpon: Almost similar to Reddit, just sign up and stumble post.
  12. Advertising: If you think that you have money to spend for your content, then you can pay and start advertising your website to Google or Yahoo. I would suggest you to use Google Adword if you are going to advertise for fast results.

What is On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization which is called SEO in short. On-Page and Off-page. An Easy Blogging tips can helps your website to rank in search engines and index well. If your site get indexed and ranks, you will get a lot of visitors to your site. Now what are the differences?

  1. On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO refers to using of your Title, Description, Meta Keywords, Keywords, Sitemap and so on. How to do these things? Go go your Blogger Dashboard and click on edit html in your blogger template. Check Title of your blog has h1,  your blog has good description, Using proper keywords to your blog. Making sure of these Easy Blogging tips, you have done with your site and it will be Google who will see from there on and help you to rank if you have done everything right.
  2. Off-Page: Off-Page SEO refers to promoting your site to various places such as social media, commenting, backlinks, and so on.

Using Right keyword to rank you first page of google

This is the most search topic of all time for any easy blogging tips. Any bloggers dream to rank in the first page of Google for their site. if you are ranked in the first page of google you are so lucky and going to be making huge income as you will be having many visitors. Now how do you use the proper or best keyword that can rank you in no time. Well! ranking in google in one day is a nightmare. you can rank that fast and just throw away those ideas to rank within a night. Okay, now lets see how you could find the best keyword by using Google Keyword Planner. Go go, type Google Keyword planner and open the link, type the main keyword you want to create your post on. then click search. There will be so many keywords and two leveled high or low. If you see any keywords with low and has big search volume, also note choose Keyword phrase or Keywords that has 4-5 words with low volume, use this keyword to your blog post and in few days you will rank this keyword for sure. You will have to make unique content using that keyword phrase though. Every time you are ready to create new post, simply open keyword planner to search for the low volume keywords for your post as you have the chance to get recognized in google. High volume keywords are targeted by many top high authority website owners and you do not have any chance of ranking in search Engines. Therefore, always go with long Keyword phrase with low search volume.

How Link Building helps your site

Backlink is very important to your site if you want to rank your site and looking to increase your site traffic. I have easy blogging tips on how to get massive traffic to your site  if you have time, you have to create backlinks from high authority sites. Backlink means link your site to other sites. How could you do it? For example, you read a post on another website. After reading, you can leave a comment to their site and in your comment do not forget to leave your link on it. When someone clicks your link, they are directed to your site, that’s called backlink and if you do not understand, you can go to and watch some videos on what is backlink or how to build backlinks. the more backlinks you have the more better chance of ranking you could dream of in the eye of google. Bloggers are looking the best ways to rank higher in search engines by satisfying what google wants like creating create post, sharing with social medias and creating backlinks to your site.

Final words: This post  Easy Blogging tips is for those who are very new to blogging and don’t have any ideas on how to get started. Please do not buy any services like Link Building, SEO services and any services for your site from any website as they might harm your site with spam links which can down your site ranking. Let your site be natural and build naturally by yourself which is trusted and authentic. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment box and I will be happy to help you by answering. I would like to know your ideas and if you have this post helpful kindly share to your friends. So that they can get the benefits too by sharing my post on Easy Blogging tips.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Google Blog

Search Engine optimization techniques Google Blog – White Hat SEO

Search Engines optimization techniques Google Blog help you to rank higher in search Engines and why should your blog be optimized? Search Engine Optimizer or SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website, web page, and blog in a search engine’s natural search result. In general, SEO is an internet marketing mechanism that frequently appears in the search result and the more visitors it will receive the more hints it can have in the search engine. SEO targets many topics such as image search, local search, video search, academic search, and news search and industry specific vertical search engines. The objective of this marketing strategy is to rank high in engines such as google yahoo, or Bing, which are widely used by consumers looking for specific products and services.

In SEO, there are over 200,000 keywords under administration and over 10,000 top rankings clients that need optimizer that proves to provide linking campaigns on a grand scale. All content is written by expert writers in the world and have influenced the high quality links and white hat practices.Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Google Blog

what is SEO strategy? Search Engine Optimization Guides

SEO strategy is based off of one simple concept but in order to get a quality links to rank high, you have to create great content that people will want to search. It seems simple enough but there are problems such as many companies has finding time to create that content and the lack of knowledge that comes with years of practice to get that content in front of people in a way that drives links. SEO experts work with technical team that provides high-level and granular analysis on websites such as architecture, page content, and coding. SEO premium optimizer reports and make the changes in your sites that have a quick turnaround and immediate results.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Google Blog serves as a one-on-one consultation with a search engine optimization to better understand your business. The information in the blogs in the website will provide you with a SEO audit report which includes some great insight into how we can improve your SEO. Complete search engine optimization action plan is beneficial to SEO writing because experts will develop a plan that includes keyword research and creation, on-site optimization, and off-site link building in industry relevant sites that all work together to drive traffic to your website through search results. High quality links that work builds automated links that aren’t garbage and in the end will have a huge effect on your rankings. SEO is based around hand crafted linking and great content via blogs, info graphics, press releases, and link bait.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Google Blog helps you tracking the progress of SEO will be vital as the results increase over time. Reports on SEO premium will optimize your blog and ranks high across google, yahoo, and Bing. All on one screen and lets you track which search engines are sending you the best prospects and leads. SEO premium optimizer are beneficial to large e-commerce that showcases half million products and provides services to millions of  customers. Each view of the product has the ability to rank high and to showcase feedback on the products and services that you provide. This module allows you to collect customer feedback and testimonials all in one place. I hope you have found this post interesting and also enjoyed reading. Hope you can adopt Search Engine Optimization Techniques Google Blog to your new website as we know that how much important it is to have SEO optimized. If you have enjoyed and want to read more about the Best SEO Optimized blogger Premium Templates or  Top ways to grow massive traffic to your website