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5 Steps to Better Handwriting

How to write beautiful handwriting – 5 Steps to Better Handwriting

5 Steps to Better Handwriting to make your writing looks beautiful and you soon will have a nice writing once you follow these 5 steps. Here are five steps that really work on How to have better handwriting.

Get a great grasp

Try this rules:

Hold your pencil at the top near the eraser and try to write your name pretty tough huh? But when you hold your pencil the correct way, writing is much easier. The best way to hold a pen or pencil is to let it rest next to the base of your thumb. Hold it in your thumb, and your index and fingers.

Let the Lines Be Your Guide

Lined paper is your friend! Those lines can help you create letters that are the right size and proportion. Proportion means that one thing is the right size compared with the others. So your lowercase “a” should be half the height of a capital “A” Be sure to fill up the lines space completely. Lines also can keep you writing straight instead of uphill or downhill.

Slow Down

If your writing is hard to read or you erase a lot, try slowing down a little. For some kids, going slower solves the problem. If you rush, it’s hard to control where you stop and start your letters, and you end up making more mistakes. Did you ever erase so hard it ripped a hole in the paper?

Lower the Pressure

Some kids press down really hard when they write. That makes it harder to make the smooth lines needed for writing, especially cursive. Try easying up, don’t grip the pencil as tightly, and let your pencil mark the paper without going all the way through. You’ll break fewer pencil points, too!

Play Games

Games can improve your handwriting. Lots of games require you to write or draw pictures. So even thought it’s not official schoolwork, you’re still using the skills you need to control your pencil better. To have better control of how your hands move, try games like Jenga or Don’t spill the beans.

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5 Steps to Better Handwriting
5 Steps to Better Handwriting

How to Write a Book Report

Tips on How to Write a Book Report college level

Now, I am going to bring some of the basic facts on writing a book report and I am pretty sure that you are here in search of a book writing summary or book reporting to your lecturer and also, it could be because you do not know how to write a book report or confused with the guidelines on how to write a Book Report for your lecturers whether you are a school, college or university students, then you have come to the right place to learn more about the book report. I will be happy to share with you guys and hope you get the best by this post, Again, this post is going be helpful to you if you are an elementary school, any grade level, college, university level student, you are being asked by your teachers to do the book report that you do not have have ideas and By this post, you will have a better idea than nothing having any clues where to start your writing. Let’s see some of the ideas where you can get before you start writing.

How to write a book report
How to Write a Book Report , academic book review format

What is Book Report?

Book report means that essay writings discussion of what is in a  book known as the content of the book, A report summarizes the contents of the book. This is normally assigned by the teachers, lecturers or professors at your elementary school, college or even in your University studies which is recommended by the lecturers as your assignments or short writings  or long writings of your class works. The first thing first, know the name of the book your teacher asked you to make a report on and make sure you have the book on your hand or borrow from the library or even you can get it downloaded from Internet in the PDF or MS word format, just make sure you have got the right book, what are the formats required by the professor, citation, how many pages or how many words in length. Make sure of everything before start doing your book report. Now, I will show you guys the steps to get started on these ideas:

  • Read the book and take notes, write down the major characters or names, main ideas of the book, memorable quotes
  • include relevant biographical information about the author that helps explaining the book
  • summarize the book, give analysis of the book
  • Discuss, higher level thinking than summary, goes beyond I like it, it was, what story made to think and read it, your reaction of the book
  • Relativity to others, why do you enjoy the story and why story is good to others? Interest in your with reasons, Weakness, overall, Analysis of the book
  • Write the author’s point of view or opinion what the writer is trying to convey the message to the readers
  • State your opinion on the paragraph, why you like or dislike the book
  • Conclude the Paragraph, if you recommend the book to your friends, others and why should you? what are the benefits your friends would get from reading this book and more.

how to write a critical book review for university

  • A book report represents a summary of the plot of a novel and your opinion of the strengths and weakness of the story
  • How do I write a book Report?  A book report should have at least five paragraphs: An introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion
  • How do I write the introduction?  In the introduction, you should include the title of the novel, the name of the author and the date of the book was published. Introduction should also include a one-sentence summary of the story and thesis statement.
  • How do I write the first Body second and third paragraphs?   Your three body paragraphs are basically a retelling of the story and should present a clear beginning, middle and end. You can include your favorite quotes in the body paragraphs. Include facts like the time, the place, the mood and the main characters. Present the conflicts or problems that needs to be solved in the story. 2nd body of paragraph explains action and conflict in the story. over-coming, obstacles for example. 3rd body paragraph reveals the processes involved for finally solving the conflict and what happens afterwards. Explain how the resolution of the conflict has affected the main characters. What is the author trying to teach us with his or her story? Remember that book reports are often written so that your teacher knows that you actually read the book
  • Writing Conclusion  Begin the 1st sentence of your conclusion with concluding words like “In conclusion” or “lastly’, Ultimately, Morals lesson learned from the book and your opinion of the story. what did you like the most about the book and what did you not like the the book.
how to write a book report for university level
How to write a book report for Elementary, High school, College and university level

I hope, these above mentioned information on academic book review format can help you to understand better or give you an image on how to write a book report for your elementary school, college or University. You can follow both which is easy for you to write about and hope this post helped you and got benefits from my sharing. If you liked do not forget to check other post like Blogging or Beauty Products Reviews if you are interested.