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Kowloon cheap hostels Budget trip for Backpackers

Kowloon Cheap Hostels Hong Kong

Kowloon Cheap Hostels Hong Kong is the post that you are going to learn and I am pretty sure that you are searching for this ideas on where and how could you find the best cheap hostels in Kowloon before you plan to visit to Hong Kong. I could share some of the ideas and experiences with the information to you all and Thanks for visiting the site and reading the post for few minutes. Well! I would like to go straight forward to the title and Hope you get tips and guides from my writing on Kowloon Cheap Hostels Hong Kong. Kowloon cheap hostels

Best Budget Hotels Kowloon

Hong Kong shared a friendly, easy transportation, high standard living and expensive shopping to local and tourist. all the places you want to visit within Hong Kong are very friendly  and you won’t find it hard to communicated but Living and going to visit in Hong Kong would be easy and fun but the cost of living would be read headaches and visitors to HK are looking for the best budget hotel in Kowloon in order to have more leisure times and fun while in Hong Kong. If you are traveling to Hong Kong, you have made the right decision because Hong Kong offers beautiful things those may not have seen in life. Well! I am going to show some of the Hostels where you can stay with lowest rates per night. These hostels  I am going to post here are very friendly, nearest to the MTR (Train) and around shopping malls. If you are looking for luxurious hotels or hostels, then this post would not help you and this sharing is going to help those who are traveling to Hong Kong on Budget or Backpackers.

Best Hostels in Kowloon for Backpackers

I will just mention the lowest Best Hostels in Kowloon for Backpackers. You can check for more details on their website and if you are loving the listed hostels you can book for your stay in Kowloon cheap hostels. Now let’s check out the lowest rated hostels in Kowloon.

  1. Ashoka Hotel: This is so convenient and places friendly and  about 30 seconds on foot from Exit gate E of Tsim Sha Tsui Station to reach to this hostel and all the shopping malls are around wish various dishes, meeting various nationals. This is one the of lowest price that you could think of and hostel is very clean and tourist friendly. All rooms are very clean and have various facilities such as: free WiFi , Air condition, Cable Television ,Phone, hot water for shower, towel, soaps, Card for accessing the door, Rooms are highly safety with strong security, Hair Dryer for you, daily Housekeeping to clean your room, you have the convenience of  24 Hour Reception and  Currency Exchange to local currency. Price : 140 HKD, Location & MRT: Tsim Sha Tsui, Address: A Blk. Flr. 13, A4 Chung King Mansion, 36 – 44 Nat,Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tel: +852-23112170, Online Booking: Ashoka Hostel Kowloon Online Booking
  2. Dragon Hostel: is very friendly and located in Mongkok, known for its colorful and cosmopolitan areas in Kowloon city. The hostel transportation friendly just few steps you can meet your train, shopping centers and local taxis, buses and etc. How can you go to Dragon Hostel? Well!  if you are in Hong Kong you can get to this hostel in many directions.  if you are coming from Hong Kong International Airport, then take the bus number A21 to Hong Kong Station which is about 6th stops. and It should be around 35 minutes by Bus and walk around 5 minutes towards the Dragon Hostel at Sincere House. Using the Elevator to 7th floor of Sincere House. Other option for you from getting from HK airport by Taxi which might be around 300$HK and takes you around 40 minutes. If you are traveling to this hostel by Airport Express stations, follow the signs inside the train and shift to Mongkok Line and once you arrive at Mongkok Station, get out at Exit D2, and you will find the Dragon Hostel immediately and follow it by few steps towards Sincere House, Dragon Hostel is located on 7th Floor. There are more options such as transportation, Shopping centers, things to do and places to go around. The room is about 132$HK, Location & MRT: Mongkok Station, Address: Sincere House, Address: Room 707 /F Hong Kong, Argyle St, Mongkok Phone: 2395 0577, Online Booking:
  3. Ah Shan Hostel: This is another great, clean, lovely looking hostels for the backpackers who are willing to find lowest rates, offers special rates always and find out to see if they do and you can book your room online from their site as well. Price: 124$HK which is very cheap compared to other hotels. The location is also similar Dragon Hostel and also within Sincere House and if you are interested in this hostel, you can read on Dragon Hostel to reach from International Airport or how to arrive by MTR lines. if you want to book your room online while you see the special deals, you can do so on here
  4. Hong Kong Budget Hotel: Budget hostel is one the favorite rooms for travels and Backpackers for the reasons that the name of the Hostel says it all. Travelers always  love to explore new rooms with lowest rates and I am sure that this is one of the busiest places  in Mongkok. What can you have near to this hostel? The place is very near to MRT train and convenient for you to go anywhere you want at any moment and besides this hostel, you can go to Shopping, Entertainment, Ladies Market, Aquariums market, bird Garden, Flower market (located at Prince Edward, but you could walk 5 minutes then you make it, and see the beauty of flower market and how people enjoy buying various types of fresh flowers), Jade Market Temple and Night markets.  Budget Hostel is a staff friendly, clean, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, hot water, 24 hours’ safety guaranteed, and toilet supplies. I think this is one of the hostel you should consider about if you are running on a budget or for backpackers. Hong Kong Budget Hostel in Kowloon offers a killer price $112 HK and if you are interested to book online and to find the location: Room 703, Flat 7, Sincere House, 83 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Top 5 Cheapest Hostels in Kowloon Hong Kong

Many people who are reading here. some of you might be feeling like those hostels listed above are still expensive. You can consider these hostels which is below 100$HK. Now let’s check top Kowloon cheap hostels  Hong Kong.

  1. Germany Hostel: Price $96 HKD (special Offer, you can get too) Address: Block D, Flat D2, 6th Floor 36-44 Nathan Road. TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong,  Online reservation:
  2. Li’s Chain Hostel: Price $85 HKD, Address: Address: a4, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Hong Kong Phone: 2366 7468
  3. Days Hotel: Price $80 HKD, Address:Address: 40 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui Phone: 3104 1651
  4. Bohol HostelPrice $70HKD , Address: Flat D-3, 6/F, Block D, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road Hong Kong, Hong Kong, +852 31041652,
  5. Downtown Backpackers: Price $62HKD, Address: Block A, 3rd Floor, Flat A2, Chung King Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Phone: 6682 3158

I hope this post Kowloon cheap hostels has helped you to save your time to research on budget hostels while you are in Kowloon and I have also made another post where you can read on cheap hostel guest house mansion tsim sha tsui kowloon and if you loved the post kindly spread to your friends and audiences to know on this. Thank you!!!

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review World’s Luxurious Hotel

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review. In the 1920s, Hong Kong had a knack for attracting wealthy people and their money. For one thing, Hong Kong was the final stop on the trans-Siberian railroad, which meant that some of the social elite from as far away as Europe would be rolling into town. Also, ocean liners frequently docked in Hong Kong Harbour, and their passengers shared a couple common threads with those that rode the rails: Both needed a place to spend the night and both had ample amounts of cash in their pockets. Lets look at how the rooms are look like below on Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review.

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

In an effort to provide these well-to-do individuals with proper accommodations, the Peninsula was born.

The Peninsula is a Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong

The Peninsula, also known as the “Pen” had fewer than 200 rooms when it opened in 1928 and an expansion in 1994 brought the room total up to 300. However, what the Peninsula lacks in size, it makes up for in opulence. The guests who frequent this Hong Kong hotel are used to the finer things in life, and the Peninsula delivers.

The Peninsula would happily greet its guests at the airport. The guests would be brought to their hotel in a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. However, a luxury hotel of this caliber can’t have its clients riding in ‘dated’ transportation. In an effort to upgrade the fleet of aging autos, the Peninsula placed an order for more of England’s finest. Soon, 14 Rolls-Royce Phantoms would grace the property. This would represent the largest single order that Rolls-Royce had ever received, and each would feature “Peninsula Green” paint.

Of course, even when riding in the lap of luxury, the streets of Hong Kong can fray the nerves. Happily, the 1994 expansion included a helipad on the roof of the 30 story tower. The Peninsula owns a helicopter, and transfers from the airport, above the chaos of the street, takes less than 20 minutes.

Luxury Accommodations at a Hong Kong Hotel – Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review

Upon arrival, guests at the Peninsula can chose from several different room and suite options. Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review is going to sharing you some of the rates and Here are a few:

  • Superior RoomFor around $500 per night, this is the entry level room. These rooms have around 450 square feet, and are located in the original building. Enjoy the mood lighting and hands-free phone.
  • Grand Deluxe Harbour View Room For about $700 per night, guests get a commanding view of Hong Kong Harbour. These rooms are high in the tower, and feature electronic curtain controls, fabulous marble bathrooms, bathrobes and slippers.
  • Deluxe Suite In the original building, these 1300+ square foot suites feature flat screen TV, private fax machine and bathroom scale. All this luxury costs between $1100-$1400/night.
  • Peninsula Suite From the top of the new tower, these 4000+ square foot suites offer the best harbour view in Hong Kong. A mini-gym, private executive office and multiple flat screen TVs are at your disposal. Also included is a Chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, available 24 hours a day. (This is great for those late-night beer runs.)

Obviously, these rooms and their rates aren’t for everybody, but the guests at the “Pen” are accustomed to all the decadence. Among these discerning guests is the greatest spy in the world, James Bond. Agent 007 stopped by 1974, while matching wits with The Man with the Golden Gun. If you loved Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review post do not forget to check other post on Cheap Hostel Guest House Mansion Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon or another post on Bishop Lei International House Review



Bishop Lei International House Review

Bishop Lei International House Review: 4 Robinson Mid Level

Bishop Lei International House Review: I would like to make a review on the this hotel as I have stayed for 5 nights at Bishop Lei International House. I love to traveling and always visit to Hong Kong as it offers fascinating things to see and enjoy. I love Food, sightseeing, beauty of busy places and nightlife. Every time I go to Hong Kong, I always make a booking with Bishop Lei International House as they have pleased me with the previous stay. That’s why I would like to post on Bishop Lei International House Review. This is a friendly review and my own experience. Hope this helps you.

bishop lei international house review
Bishop Lei International House Review

I have booked a room online from their website and I arrived to Hong Kong. As soon as I arrived to Hong Kong International Airport, I moved forward to MTR station. I purchased the Octopus card which is used to travel by Train, Buses, shopping malls or 7/11, you can use this Octopus card to pay for the things you buy at any store. Almost any stores, buses and Trains accept this Octopus card and that’s so convenient for any tourist who do not know how to go anywhere in Hong Kong. So, I have to take the MTR to Central and when I arrived at the MTR Central . I carefully looked at the map for Bishop Lei International House for the exact location and which exit gate I have to take. Then, I follow this image on how to go to Bishop Lei International House from MTR Central.

Bishop Lei International House by Taxi
Bishop Lei International House by Taxi

You can see in Google Map how to go to Bishop Lei International House from MTR central. After having seen the exit gate, I have noted that I have to exit at D1 and always remember this exit gate. Both Exit D1 and D2 are very near so both ways are okay to exit and then, I do not encourage you to walk straight forward to hotel as you may get lost once you will see many directions and roads. if you want to walk, it will take you about 15 minutes and if you are not sure where you are walking, it might be worse and get yourself lost. I would suggest you to grab a Taxi to this hotel just for 5-6 mins drive and will cost you around 20HK$. That’s very cheap if you are not sure of walking straight to hotel from the train station. Then, I have grabbed a taxi immediately and i thought it was the wise thing to do and I did it and told the driver that I wanna go to 4 Robinson. Some taxi drivers may not be sure of this hotel so its best to tell the name of the road and address.Bishop Lei International House is located on 4 Robinson rd, Mid level. Just tell the drive drive you wanna go to 4 Robinson and as soon as I arrived, I noticed the hotel is on the road itself which is visible to anyone. You can see that Bishop Lei International Hotel  is located on the right spot.  Place is silent and not too many people. Note that around the hotel you cant find any restaurants, shops and you have a bus stand. You can grab taxi at any time and wait for the bus too.

Entered into the Hotel, very nice and friendly staffs greeted sweetly with warm welcome. I liked it at the very first impression. I checked in and I was given a beautiful room on the 7th floor. One of the staffs guided me to 7th floor showing things in the room. I was so pleased and felt so contented with the hotel as it was so beautiful and a killer price was offered.  I found so many beautiful things like Wifi, Wall TV, one bed room and one sitting room with desk, tables and other things. So, this was very nice room where you can get two separated rooms. Bath room was very small  but you can manage. Your friends can also visit you at the hotel without any objections. If your friends want to visit to you at your hotel they can visit and the staffs do not say anything. After all I am very happy and I love to stay at Bishop Lei house again in my next trip. I love the environment and the Hotel staffs. Bishop Lei International House review is just a post on my own experience and nobody asked me to review it and I share the joys I have received while staying at this Hotel. If you ask me much I would rate? I would say that it will be around 9/10 (9 from 10) and If you are planning to stay at this hotel you can simply read more on their website which you can find more on their official website Bishop Lei International House  If you loved reading on  Bishop Lei International House Review do not forget to share with your friends so that they can be benefited too. Sharing is caring.