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How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong

How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong Short Term Business Visa

How to apply South Korean Visa in Hong Kong : Basic tips on how to get your South Korean Visa in Hong Kong. I will share you the experiences and things I have done while applying for South Korean Visa. and I will share how I got my the successful 1 month visa to enter into Jeju Island. Now, know your purpose of trip or why do you want to go to Korea? Make sure yourself  you know why you are going to Korea. Now, people have different purpose to enter into Korea but I am going to share tips on how you could apply for Conference visa. Getting conference visa as a student and it was so easy for me and  The consulate of republic of South Korea located in Hong Kong at Admiralty MTR  station. Let’s check out the requirements on how to apply South korean Visa in Hong Kong  for Conference Visa.

what are the requirements for Conference Korean Visa in Hong Kong

If you are planning to apply for South Korean from Hong Kong, these requirements are only for you if you are living in Hong Kong.  First I advise you to go to official website  once you are there, select Short-Term Business Tourism which is also called C-3-4 click and the new page will be open for you to check out the things you need to apply. Things required:

  1. Download Visa Application Form.  Download here 
  2. Fill up the form accurately
  3. colored photo sized 3.5×4.5㎠ ( you can affix at the consulate, free of charge)
  4. Passport Expiration should be six months or more
  5. Passport original and copy of the identification page of passport
  6. Photocopy of Hong Kong Visa  (If you are Hong Konger or Permanent Residence, you do not have to show)
  7. Photocopy of Hong Kong ID
  8. Financial ability with more than HKD 20,000 minimum

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How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong, basic tips to apply for korean visa from hong kong

How to go to General Consulate of Republic of South Korea

If you are going to submit the Visa application by MTR, you get down at Admiralty station and exit B1 or B2, then you cross the other side of the road take the elevator and go to 2nd or 3rd floor and  turn right side and walk straight and you will see the lift and follow up to 5th floor. and then take your queue number and wait for the counter to call your number. if your application is incomplete, you can complete there itself, you have the pen to write, affix the picture, complete the entire form free and you have the ability to photocopy using your octopus card. Once you have completed accurately, then submit the visa application to the counter. You will be given a receipt after you have paid the visa fees and the date of submission and date of visa issuance will be mentioned on your receipt. I am sure it will be super fast around 7  business working days to process. if you want to go to consulate general by car or taxi, you can follow this address  5/F, Far East Finance Center, 16 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong. Thanks and hope this post helped you.

Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi

Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi to open soon

Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi is going to open once again. Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah arrived in Dhaka officially and made agreements with Bangladesh that Kuwait and Bangladesh are going to extend the business sectors and relations. He also said that Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi citizens will be open soon for purpose of taking 50,000 workers from Bangladesh to Kuwait for constructions. Once the visa is opened again, Bangladeshi citizens can apply for any kind of visas just like Kuwait visit visa, work, student visa and more. The Prime Minister of Kuwait is looking forward to do it as soon as possible.

Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi Kuwait visit visa for BD
Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi Kuwait visit visa for BD

Kuwait visit visa for Bangladeshi people

You must be wandering how to visit to Kuwait and what are the procedures and where to go and things to see while arrived in Kuwait. Well~ if you want to go to visit Kuwait. First thing first, you need to apply for Kuwait visit visa which you can obtain from the embassy of Kuwait located in Dhaka. You can google it for the exact location and hours of work to check yourself when you can go to meet them for information and ask the things you need to know before applying for a visit visa.

Kuwait visit visa for Bangladeshi documents required

Normally, if you want to visit to another country, then you need to contact the embassy first and know exactly the things and purpose of your visit is. anyway, I would like to list some major documents you need before apply for a visit visa which also called tourist visa. A visit visa is given for a short period of time and visit visa is going to Kuwait and coming back to Bangladesh within the given time period on your passport. So, you do need to have these things if you are planning to visit Kuwait  and these basic things are applied for any countries.

  • Passport (check 6 months validity)
  • Tickets to Kuwait
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Bank Statement
  • Places you want to visit (not necessary but important if you know them yourself, can help your application)

Kuwait Work permit visa Bangladesh

If you want to work in Kuwait , you need to have the work permit. Your company who hires you can provide you the work permit and visa things. If you search in Dhaka you might get some companies who will help you to get the work permit  and visa from the company you are hired. So, how would you do it? Normally, first you need to be accepted for any company in Kuwait and once you are accepted for the job. The company will send you the visa together with the work permit to work in Kuwait legally. If you find it hard to understand, then you can go to any agency or manpower who can assist you with this as they handle many applications like those.

Kuwait work Visa for Bangladeshi
Kuwait work Visa for Bangladeshi

Bangladesh embassy in Kuwait

In case you want to know more direct information. You can contact the Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait directly for more information. you can call them and know about the visa, how apply, where to apply, do you need Kuwait visa, how long the application process, How much money you need to show and more things you are not sure about. You can get more details for Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait from website check out

How to Apply Kuwait Visa final words

Now assume that you know all the information and want to apply for the Kuwait visa. you can start right away once you have all the things you have. If you are going to work make sure you have company visa and work permit. if you want to go to Kuwait visit visa, then you need to make sure you have the package, invitation letter in some cases, bank statement and more. hope you can get the visa. I hope you enjoyed the post on Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi and if you did do not forget to check also how you can apply for UAE visa for Bangladeshi . please share with your Bangladeshi friends.

Kuwait work visa for Bangladeshi workers
Kuwait work visa for Bangladeshi workers

UAE Visa for Bangladeshi

Are you looking for visit visa to United Arab Emirate? well! if you are interested to know how to apply UAE visa such as Visit visa, tourist visa, work visa, student visa, marriage visa, temporary stay visa, family visa,labor visa then you have come in the right place to know more latest news on UAE visa Bangladeshi which will help you to get the ideas below.আরব আমিরাতের ভিসা কবে খুলবে

UAE Visa Bangladeshi Latest News দুবাই ভিসা খবর 2018

UAE visa Bangladeshi, This blog post is going to help those who is interested to know in the latest news of UAE visa for Bangladeshi citizens, Visa is needed for entering into United Arab Emirates.  There are many ways you can get to UAE such as visit (tourist), Student, working and other visa visa categories which you are interested to travel to. The latest news of UAE visa for Bangladeshi is open or not open is not sure to anyone in Bangladesh. According to the latest news, there is a possibility of re-opening  Dubai visa again for Bangladesh. Formerly, Arab Emirates visa was opened, due to some reasons the government of Arab Emirate closed for a short period of time and It’s a big tragedy and sad news for all people in Bangladesh. UAE is one of those top countries, where many Bangladeshi people could spend time on earning their livings with working visa, studying and visit many Islamic places but, It’s sad that suddenly visa was closed for Bangladeshi citizens as well as some other countries around the globe.

UAE visa for Bangladeshi
UAE visa for Bangladeshi

Dubai Visa open Bangladeshi Latest News

The Arab Emirates Government has announced on their TV news that the Dubai Visa for Bangladeshi citizens will be opened soon in the latest news.  It is said that, People from Bangladesh and other countries those can apply and enter into United Arab Emirates in the beginning of 2017. However, the prime ministers also added to the latest news on UAE visa that rules rules and regulations are going to be more strict and will have high security of checking. At last, he added that UAE visa Bangladeshi, Indian, some of the African countries will soon be opened at the beginning of 2017. The Prime Minister is also interested in bringing big numbers of the workers from these said countries.

UAE visa Bangladeshi - Dubai Visa for Bangladeshi workers
UAE visa Bangladeshi – Dubai Visa for Bangladeshi workers

UAE Visa for Bangladeshi Workers Open or Not- How to Apply UAE working Visa

As mentioned above that the Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates is going to re-open the working visa for Bangladeshi citizens which is going to be at the beginning of 2017. It will be easy for you if you are going to work there. You just need to apply job at any company which is located in UAE, then apply for the position you desire. If you are accepted by the company you applied for, then you are most probably would get the working vis

a to Dubai or UAE. So, when you apply for visa, you will MUST provide the authentic or original documents and papers. Do not use unnecessary and fake documents which will ruin your application and you might be blacklisted forever if you use fake paper or documents. Keep in mind that if you want get UAE visa, then you need to give the original papers. Do not listen to any companies in Bangladesh. Some people advertise that they can get you UAE visa, move fast from those people. You do not end up your life with those fake companies trying to get you Dubai or UAE visa. So, Hope this post on UAE Visa for Bangladeshi has helped you to know more and do not forget to read other Blogging Tips on visa to Kuwait, Qatar and Travels.

Dubai workers visa for Bangladeshi
Dubai workers visa for Bangladeshi