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Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh

Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh

Collagen day night cream review Bangladesh: I am going to post another product review for Bangladeshi girls who wanna buy this  beautiful collagen day and night cream for their skin care. I heard about this product a lot and I checked in google for details of this beautiful Product that  people are talking about. Then, some testimony that, it can cure an acne.. (i do not know how true is the testimony unless i try it myself). i got a little problem on my back. some acne on my back. I hated it! and I almost do an appointment with the doctor  to do laser! or whatever not to have it on my back. I have ordered it from Thailand Cosmetics Bangladesh to use for myself. Beauty Cream: Collagen beauty skin cream instantly hydrates and provides new energy to dull and lacklustre skin to revive radiance. Formulated with several vitamin C, AHA, Moisturizer, and vitamin E. I hope you find the below information useful on Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh .Collagen cream day night review Bangladesh

How to use 

After essence, apply a suitable amount on palm and gently massage into face and neck.  Use sun cream in the morning and whitening cream in the evening


A: Vaselin, Lanoline, Beeswax, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Parfum, Aqua, Propyl Paraben, Triethanolamine, CL15985.
B: Stearic Acid, Lanolin, Parfum, Aqua, Prpyl Paraben, Triethanolamine.

Collagen Beauty Soap

Collagen Day and night Cream review Bangladesh is going to help you another new combination product Collagen Beauty soap also another new product by the same company which you can trust. If you have tried the collagen day night cream do not miss this soap as it helps you getting rid of your acne and highly recommended to use together with day night cream. Let’s see how the collagen beauty soap can help you:

  1. Day 1   Yup it still there(the acne) smiling at me on my back.
  2. Day 2  Oh no, i feel like a sand texture.
  3. Day 3  I’m using dove soap, cause i forget about the soap
  4. Day 4  Back on the track
  5. Day 7  Wow!  I  think it OK, because my back feel slightly smooth
  6. Day 10  I think the acne scar are slowly disappear
  7. Day 14  I look at my brother back.. wow it improve a lot.

collagen plus vit e day night cream soap

Benefits of Collagen Day and Night cream

Collagen Day and Night simply works great if you continue to use it. You can see the results of before and after in 5-10 days maximum and once you notice the  improvements you gonna love the collagen day night cream for sure. Here are the major benefits you can expect from using it.

  • Reduces your Skin Lightening & Dull Skin Problems fast
  • Makes Skin Softened
  • Reduce Acne Problems & Black Spot on your face
  • Acne Scar Fading Effect
  • Moisturize Skin for smoother looking
  • Prevent Signs of Aging Like Wrinkles and anti-aging
  • Makes Skin Feel refreshed & Fresh Fluffy All Day

Benefits of Collagen Beauty Soap

  • makes Lightened and brighter interface
  • clear and smoothness skin
  • Makes your skin look firmer
  • Moisturize dry skin gradually and stabilize oily skin
  • Reduce and eliminate scars caused by acne
  • Reduce acne and pigmentation Problem
  • Removes blackheads and Shrink Pores
  • Makes skin firming face white and radiant
  • Overcome dull skin and dark patches under the eyes

Benefits of Collagen Beauty Toner

  • Treating oily skin and acne contain Lemon extract that help fight bacteria that cause acne
  • Refreshing cleaning the skin and restores the balance of the skin
  • Leaves skin and pinkish and Lifting the remnants of dirt
  • producing new skin and Remove dead/dried and old skin

Collagen plus vit E whitening beauty toner


if you want to have best results you can use three products, Wash your face with soap, then use day  and night cream and also finally Collagen Beauty toner. If you constantly use and continue to use  day night creams, soap and toner you will see your skin improvements with high results. I would like to recommend you to buy the ones I got from the good suppler.

Collagen day night cream and soap








 Collagen day and night cream and beauty soap

Collagen day night cream

collagen day vs night cream

Where can I buy?

I have bought Collagen Day  Night cream from Beauty Girls. She is a very good supplier, very friendly, reliable and fast answering to your any queries. If you are interested to buy from her you can contact her to buy for you. I bought from her after reading my reviews which customers left on her wall. I would like to recommend you to her shop as they is selling the best and authentic ones.

Facebook Page:

Mobile: +881932425197

Collagen day night cream review bangladesh








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  1. 1. U named the ingredients of collagen day and night cream but there’s no name of collagen ingredient both in the day cream and night cream. can u explain it?
    2. how many times can we use it in a week?
    3. at most how long can we use it? is it for several months or when our skin condition get as we expected then should we stop?
    4. is there any side effects for long term use of this cream?

  2. I have felt something wrong in using collagene day night cream at first time….my whole face turned red and i want to know how the night cream used properly. ..pls tell me the proper way of using the collagene night cream…

      1. After using collagen day cream can i go to the sun or next to the fire? ? Can i do my cooking after using collagen day cream? Plz tell me…

  3. I’m using it for more than 3 years and I really like the effect. My stock is nearly finished and I need to buy. The person i used to buy this product is not available anymore. Hope you could help me with this.

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