Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh

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9 Responses

  1. dona says:

    1. U named the ingredients of collagen day and night cream but there’s no name of collagen ingredient both in the day cream and night cream. can u explain it?
    2. how many times can we use it in a week?
    3. at most how long can we use it? is it for several months or when our skin condition get as we expected then should we stop?
    4. is there any side effects for long term use of this cream?

  2. I used it since march 27,2017 and the result is so great..i want to ask if how much the cream and soap ni philippine peso?

  3. How much the cream and soap in philippine money

  4. Farhana Ahmed Neela says:

    I have felt something wrong in using collagene day night cream at first time….my whole face turned red and i want to know how the night cream used properly. ..pls tell me the proper way of using the collagene night cream…

  5. Honey says:

    How about the price for this entire package from this page appi??

  6. May I know the cost of this product?

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