How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong, basic tips to apply for korean visa from hong kong

How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong

How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong Short Term Business Visa

How to apply South Korean Visa in Hong Kong : Basic tips on how to get your South Korean Visa in Hong Kong. I will share you the experiences and things I have done while applying for South Korean Visa. and I will share how I got my the successful 1 month visa to enter into Jeju Island. Now, know your purpose of trip or why do you want to go to Korea? Make sure yourself  you know why you are going to Korea. Now, people have different purpose to enter into Korea but I am going to share tips on how you could apply for Conference visa. Getting conference visa as a student and it was so easy for me and  The consulate of republic of South Korea located in Hong Kong at Admiralty MTR  station. Let’s check out the requirements on how to apply South korean Visa in Hong Kong  for Conference Visa.

what are the requirements for Conference Korean Visa in Hong Kong

If you are planning to apply for South Korean from Hong Kong, these requirements are only for you if you are living in Hong Kong.  First I advise you to go to official website  once you are there, select Short-Term Business Tourism which is also called C-3-4 click and the new page will be open for you to check out the things you need to apply. Things required:

  1. Download Visa Application Form.  Download here 
  2. Fill up the form accurately
  3. colored photo sized 3.5×4.5㎠ ( you can affix at the consulate, free of charge)
  4. Passport Expiration should be six months or more
  5. Passport original and copy of the identification page of passport
  6. Photocopy of Hong Kong Visa  (If you are Hong Konger or Permanent Residence, you do not have to show)
  7. Photocopy of Hong Kong ID
  8. Financial ability with more than HKD 20,000 minimum

Other Supporting Documents:

How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong, basic tips to apply for korean visa from hong kong

How to go to General Consulate of Republic of South Korea

If you are going to submit the Visa application by MTR, you get down at Admiralty station and exit B1 or B2, then you cross the other side of the road take the elevator and go to 2nd or 3rd floor and  turn right side and walk straight and you will see the lift and follow up to 5th floor. and then take your queue number and wait for the counter to call your number. if your application is incomplete, you can complete there itself, you have the pen to write, affix the picture, complete the entire form free and you have the ability to photocopy using your octopus card. Once you have completed accurately, then submit the visa application to the counter. You will be given a receipt after you have paid the visa fees and the date of submission and date of visa issuance will be mentioned on your receipt. I am sure it will be super fast around 7  business working days to process. if you want to go to consulate general by car or taxi, you can follow this address  5/F, Far East Finance Center, 16 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong. Thanks and hope this post helped you.

20 thoughts on “How to Apply South Korean visa in Hong Kong”

    1. Great that you are interested to visit to Korea and where are you located now? where or Which part of Korea do you want to visit?

    1. So, you are interested to visit South Korea on a Business visa? well! if you are interested in garments job, i think you do need to have a business visa to work in South Korea. Where are you right now and where is the location that you are applying from?

  1. how you get flight literary ? I would like to visit my husband who are working there for 6days is it okay with the financial 20.000HKD ? did you fill up the sponsor form too ? just u know I’m a Indonesian domestic helper… please answer my question… thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You can get your flight Itinerary from any Travel Agency you know or nearest to your location or Online FREE. If you don’t know I would like to suggest you trying Edmon Travel. Regarding the Bank statements, you can get too from your bank and the minimum should be 20,000 $HKD or more if you can show. Now, you have to apply C-3-1 and read more from the official website of them. However, to answer your question I can think you can download the Sponsor form and fill up by yourself and it does not take that long. If in case you need you can show them and if you don’t need, then you can throw it. If you need more information you can contact the Consulate general or read more information from their Online website. If you want someone to help your application, then South Korean Consulate in Hong Kong has suggested few Agencies such as:
      1. SEOUL TRAVEL (HK) CO. LTD Phone: 23774647 @Tuen Mun
      2. AIR LINK TRAVEL LIMITED, Phone: 23669566 @ Kowloon
      3. HANATour Hong Kong Co. LTD. Phone: 27355561 @ Kowloon
      4. KOREA TRAVEL SERVICE HK Phone: 23012313 @Kowloon

      But, below are the basic things you need to consider and for accurate and full detailed information you are advised to check the official website
      1. Invitation letter from your husband (should mention the purpose of visit and guarantees return back)
      2. Documents that proves you/yours are family

      Thanks and hope you can apply soon for your visit and hope these ideas and post helped you.

      1. thank you for your reply … can u teach me step by step how to get itinerary ticket ONLINE FREE ?
        I went to Jeju without visa last october and now I planning to go to SEOUL on Mei 😊😊😊

  2. Hi, its mahabub from bangladesh. we are all know that every year our huge young boys will have to going south korea by lottery. really we are very grateful to your better step…….
    do u know when release the next lottery for bangladesh?
    plz insure me friend…..

  3. Hi im a philippine passport holder and i want to apply for a korean tourist visa but i work in macau, is it possible to apply one? because i need to go back to macau after i apply the visa do they take the passport in the korean consulate?

    1. HI Andrea,
      Thanks for your comment
      If you are located in Macau, then the procedures works the same as Hong Kong. If you are living in Macau, you will have to go to Hong Kong by the Ferry and apply for South Korean Visa by yourself. You can do everything same day because Macau and Hong Kong is very near just like an hour drive by Ferry. If you have any more queries let me know so that I can help you answering as I have ideas on it.

  4. I’m from mali and I want to apply for south korea visa in Hong Kong but have a hong kong tourist visa so please tell how b to do

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comment, I do not know that much if you are able to make your visit from Hong Kong since you are holding a tourist visa in Hong Kong. Yo u will need to be a Residence in Hong Kong before applying to South Korea visa though.

  5. Hi! Im from philippines and currently employed here in hongkong as a Domestic helper.
    I would like yo know if how to get tourist visa for south korea
    Im planning to have a 6days vacation to south korea this comming summer
    I wanna know if there’s a posibility for me to apply for a single tourist visa
    I hope to hear from you

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