How to Create a Blog with Facebook

How to Create a Blog with Facebook

How to start personal Blog on Facebook- How to Create a Blog with Facebook

How to Create a Blog with Facebook: I am going to share with your guys for those who are interested in blogging within Facebook itself. Now people are looking various ways to create blog for sharing different topics. People are looking for a way to find out the best ways to blog and some experts are blogging. Trying to bring some ideas on how you could get started to blog on Facebook which is the easiest way of making your Facebook blogging convenient as you use your Facebook all the times. I am sure that these easy blogging tips on creating a new blog in your Facebook Profile won’t be that hard as you know how easy and addicted Facebook to users.  Now lets stick to the point and will find out the ways you can start blogging with Facebook. First of all lets check out what is a Facebook Profile and Facebook Page.

How to Create a Blog with Facebook

Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page

If you don’t know what is different between Facebook Profile and Facebook Page, this is going to be helpful to you. Okay let’s check out few facts:

  1.  Facebook Profile, you make friends, add new friends or friends from your school, University, college or working places to know them you use Facebook to talk to them. To get the latest news of your friends and knowing exactly what are they doing by posting a status and having chats. You can also do free voice or video calls via Facebook Profile.
  2. Facebook Page is mainly used for Business purposes. You can create your Facebook page for new business you are opening, celebrity, finding your Business locations and any types of business you have or plan you can get started with Facebook Page.

So, in short Facebook Profile is used for socializing with family and friends and Facebook Page is used for your business purposes.

How to start blogging with Facebook

This is the secret for How to Create a Blog with Facebook, you are looking for how you could create a blog on Facebook or how to start Blogging with Facebook? Well! There are two ways to start a blog on Facebook. You can follow the same thing applying in both Facebook Profile and Facebook Page.

  1. Go to your Facebook Profile
  2. Click on Notes
  3. Put Title
  4. Use h1
  5. Use h2
  6. Use keyword
  7. Use anchor text to create backlinks
  8. Facebook notes are SEO optimized as they are indexed in the search Engines
  9. Post daily with unique content
  10. Get lots of high quality and high authority Backlinks from Facebook Blogging

Hope you can adopt to start blogging with your Facebook account. This will improve your site ranking and also will get you instant and long term organic traffic to your blog. Hope this post on How to create a blog on Facebook helps you to blogging career.  If you loved my post How to Create a Blog with Facebook please do not forget to read more on google blogging for massive traffic to your website.

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