How to get traffic from Pinterest

How to get traffic using Pinterest

Traffic using Pinterest: How to increase traffic on Pinterest

Traffic using Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the best social site where you can think of in case of getting a huge free traffic to your site and I will be showing you how to increase the traffic by creating boards on Pinterest and finally that helps you to boost  your Pinterest rank in the search bar.


Here the basic idea is that you will need to grow your board among the audience. You need to create some beautiful and eye touching boards those can draw attention to the board you created. I would recommend you to do a search on Pinterest where you can see the top contents or popular contents are most viewed and visited. Once you have created board, then start to visit others post which is related to your board and start to re-blog those post to your board. Do not forget to give a short description of the post you are re-blog. Use some keywords which helps the google to find your board find faster and it will rank you higher in Search Engines in case of SEO.


Getting followers is really hard at the beginning but you do not have to be worried about it as your boards are just created. You just have confident and have passion that you can success in someday in near future. So, share great content related to your niche. search the related post and follow their boards. Once you follow them, they will follow you back and it works this way on Pinterest.


This is going to be the most important part for your board. You will have to take time to engage with others, follow other boards, follow others, comment, re-blog, and sharing your boards to other social networking sites like twitter , stumble up, Facebook and more. The idea is to give get engaged with other readers and content posters.  Once you post or re-blog do not forget to get a bit busy with the contents or post you have on your board and go yo other boards and you can keep on communication with others and get into engagements.

Traffic using Pinterest
Traffic using Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Blog

Social sites are very important to as you all know and Pinterest is one those great high PR social networking sites where you can get your Back-links for unlimited free traffic to your website and your website will be given high priority to rank your blog in the first page of Google and other social networking sites.


3 tips to post on Pinterest


As we know that blogger must post content in the right time as it plays very important role in case of the SEO. Right time to post on Pinterest is very crucial and always try to post in the evening as everyone will be checking their Pinterest account. When you re-blog other’s post you can use schedule the time when you want to post and select the best time.

Eye- Touching Post

This is the secret of all the Pinterest users who want to use Pinterest as blogging platform. You should use the best picture that pays attention to some readers. Let’s say you are the reader and you came across the image how do you see them and do you think the picture is eye touching that makes you to re-blog it and that will work same way as for other reads as you. So, I recommend you to use the best picture or eye touching images for the best re-blog purposes.

Image optimization

When you are uploading your images to Pinterest or when you want to re-blog other’s post you can do it and you must use the keyword and description for the search engines to find your post. Its important to know that Google indexes your post if you have a good keyword and description in your post. Also, when others re-blog you content, then you start to get more followers and traffic to your site. If you have found post on Traffic using Pinterest, you are most welcomed to learn more about 5 Tips to grow massive traffic to your website 

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