Kuwait work Visa for Bangladeshi

Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi

Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi to open soon

Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi is going to open once again. Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah arrived in Dhaka officially and made agreements with Bangladesh that Kuwait and Bangladesh are going to extend the business sectors and relations. He also said that Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi citizens will be open soon for purpose of taking 50,000 workers from Bangladesh to Kuwait for constructions. Once the visa is opened again, Bangladeshi citizens can apply for any kind of visas just like Kuwait visit visa, work, student visa and more. The Prime Minister of Kuwait is looking forward to do it as soon as possible.

Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi Kuwait visit visa for BD
Kuwait Visa for Bangladeshi Kuwait visit visa for BD

Kuwait visit visa for Bangladeshi people

You must be wandering how to visit to Kuwait and what are the procedures and where to go and things to see while arrived in Kuwait. Well~ if you want to go to visit Kuwait. First thing first, you need to apply for Kuwait visit visa which you can obtain from the embassy of Kuwait located in Dhaka. You can google it for the exact location and hours of work to check yourself when you can go to meet them for information and ask the things you need to know before applying for a visit visa.

Kuwait visit visa for Bangladeshi documents required

Normally, if you want to visit to another country, then you need to contact the embassy first and know exactly the things and purpose of your visit is. anyway, I would like to list some major documents you need before apply for a visit visa which also called tourist visa. A visit visa is given for a short period of time and visit visa is going to Kuwait and coming back to Bangladesh within the given time period on your passport. So, you do need to have these things if you are planning to visit Kuwait  and these basic things are applied for any countries.

  • Passport (check 6 months validity)
  • Tickets to Kuwait
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Bank Statement
  • Places you want to visit (not necessary but important if you know them yourself, can help your application)

Kuwait Work permit visa Bangladesh

If you want to work in Kuwait , you need to have the work permit. Your company who hires you can provide you the work permit and visa things. If you search in Dhaka you might get some companies who will help you to get the work permit  and visa from the company you are hired. So, how would you do it? Normally, first you need to be accepted for any company in Kuwait and once you are accepted for the job. The company will send you the visa together with the work permit to work in Kuwait legally. If you find it hard to understand, then you can go to any agency or manpower who can assist you with this as they handle many applications like those.

Kuwait work Visa for Bangladeshi
Kuwait work Visa for Bangladeshi

Bangladesh embassy in Kuwait

In case you want to know more direct information. You can contact the Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait directly for more information. you can call them and know about the visa, how apply, where to apply, do you need Kuwait visa, how long the application process, How much money you need to show and more things you are not sure about. You can get more details for Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait from website check out  http://kuwait.bdembassy.com/

How to Apply Kuwait Visa final words

Now assume that you know all the information and want to apply for the Kuwait visa. you can start right away once you have all the things you have. If you are going to work make sure you have company visa and work permit. if you want to go to Kuwait visit visa, then you need to make sure you have the package, invitation letter in some cases, bank statement and more. hope you can get the visa. I hope you enjoyed the post on Kuwait visa for Bangladeshi and if you did do not forget to check also how you can apply for UAE visa for Bangladeshi . please share with your Bangladeshi friends.

Kuwait work visa for Bangladeshi workers
Kuwait work visa for Bangladeshi workers

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  1. How can I apply for tourist visa for Kuwait and what are the requirements?I want to visit to Kuwait as a tourist .

  2. How can I apply for tourist visa for Kuwait and
    what are the requirements?
    I want to visit to Kuwait as a tourist.
    My father is working in kuwait almost 30 years from now. He comes once a year for us.
    I’m 25years old & I’m a student of Professional Photography as a Diploma.
    In December of last year I got a 7days tour in Malaysia with legal Visa for my study perpose.
    I have a dreem to visit in kuwait where my father have working all those 30years from now.

    1. You can go to Kuwait Embassy in Dhaka Bangladesh and then, complete all the required set of information and submit for your visa.

  3. Hi how are you, I’m working in Dammam Saudi Arabia I would like to go to work in Kuwait how to find out kuwait work visa. I have experience many sector..best regards

  4. Hi,
    Is Kuwait work permit visa is now open for bangladeshi?
    If Not yet , pls give the condition of kuwait work permit visa…
    Please feedback at my email address…

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