Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review World’s Luxurious Hotel

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review. In the 1920s, Hong Kong had a knack for attracting wealthy people and their money. For one thing, Hong Kong was the final stop on the trans-Siberian railroad, which meant that some of the social elite from as far away as Europe would be rolling into town. Also, ocean liners frequently docked in Hong Kong Harbour, and their passengers shared a couple common threads with those that rode the rails: Both needed a place to spend the night and both had ample amounts of cash in their pockets. Lets look at how the rooms are look like below on Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review.

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

In an effort to provide these well-to-do individuals with proper accommodations, the Peninsula was born.

The Peninsula is a Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong

The Peninsula, also known as the “Pen” had fewer than 200 rooms when it opened in 1928 and an expansion in 1994 brought the room total up to 300. However, what the Peninsula lacks in size, it makes up for in opulence. The guests who frequent this Hong Kong hotel are used to the finer things in life, and the Peninsula delivers.

The Peninsula would happily greet its guests at the airport. The guests would be brought to their hotel in a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. However, a luxury hotel of this caliber can’t have its clients riding in ‘dated’ transportation. In an effort to upgrade the fleet of aging autos, the Peninsula placed an order for more of England’s finest. Soon, 14 Rolls-Royce Phantoms would grace the property. This would represent the largest single order that Rolls-Royce had ever received, and each would feature “Peninsula Green” paint.

Of course, even when riding in the lap of luxury, the streets of Hong Kong can fray the nerves. Happily, the 1994 expansion included a helipad on the roof of the 30 story tower. The Peninsula owns a helicopter, and transfers from the airport, above the chaos of the street, takes less than 20 minutes.

Luxury Accommodations at a Hong Kong Hotel – Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review

Upon arrival, guests at the Peninsula can chose from several different room and suite options. Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review is going to sharing you some of the rates and Here are a few:

  • Superior RoomFor around $500 per night, this is the entry level room. These rooms have around 450 square feet, and are located in the original building. Enjoy the mood lighting and hands-free phone.
  • Grand Deluxe Harbour View Room For about $700 per night, guests get a commanding view of Hong Kong Harbour. These rooms are high in the tower, and feature electronic curtain controls, fabulous marble bathrooms, bathrobes and slippers.
  • Deluxe Suite In the original building, these 1300+ square foot suites feature flat screen TV, private fax machine and bathroom scale. All this luxury costs between $1100-$1400/night.
  • Peninsula Suite From the top of the new tower, these 4000+ square foot suites offer the best harbour view in Hong Kong. A mini-gym, private executive office and multiple flat screen TVs are at your disposal. Also included is a Chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, available 24 hours a day. (This is great for those late-night beer runs.)

Obviously, these rooms and their rates aren’t for everybody, but the guests at the “Pen” are accustomed to all the decadence. Among these discerning guests is the greatest spy in the world, James Bond. Agent 007 stopped by 1974, while matching wits with The Man with the Golden Gun. If you loved Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review post do not forget to check other post on Cheap Hostel Guest House Mansion Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon or another post on Bishop Lei International House Review



Snail White Miracle Intensive Repair Review

Snail White Miracle Intensive Repair Review- Advanced Intensive Serum

Snail white Miracle Intensive Repair Review: Intensive Recovery Serum Restores a Brighter and Firmer-Looking Skin that reveals young skin radiance in just 7 days formulated with most advanced technology. This ultra-concentrated serum absorbs into the deeper layers of skin to effectively restore your damaged skin. it recharges and regenerates youthful skin including skin texture, elasticity, firmness, wrinkles and skin tone. Enriched with snail secretion filtrate expression, lipobelle soyaglycone, and ceramosides HP. These precious natural instantly penetrates the skin surface to diminish the appearance of dark of dark spots, pores and wrinkles. Deliver amazingly brighter, smoother and firmer complexion.

Snail white Miracle Intensive repair review

Snail White Miracle Intensive repair Ingredients

Deionized water, butylene glycol glycerin, pentylene glycol alchohol, jojoba oil, polygylceryl-6 distearate,  alpha-arbutin, lactonacillus soybean ferment extract, saccharomyces/imperata cylindrica root ferment extract. accharomycess/viscum album ferment extract. Snail secretion filtrate, squalane, jojoba esters, sodium hyaluronate, polysorbate 80. Glycosphingolipids. Cetylalcohol. Polyglyceryl-3 beeswax. dipotassium glycyrrhzinate. xanthan gum, acmella oleracce extract. lecithin achilea millefolium extract, achemilla vulharis extract, malva sylvestris extract, Melissa officinalis leaf extract. mentha piperita leaf extract, primula veris extract veronica officials extracts

How to Apply Snail White miracle Intensive Repair Serum:

DIRECTION: Apply a few drops of serum onto the palm of your hands then gently sweep over your entire face including neck, evening and/or morning, before applying your regular treatment cream.

Benefits of Snail white Miracle Intensive repair

There are many benefits to be obtained from this serum just as other products by Namu Life. As you all know that how successful Namu life has become and this is another great additional product to your routine as Snail white Miracle Intensive Repair Serum. Now let’s check out the benefits you would be expecting from it:

  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Creates collagen
  • Adds water to skin fast
  • Reduces yours wrinkles
  • Clears Wrinkles
  • cleanses dark spots
  • Whitening white skin just Snail White
  • Snail White Miracle With the power of accelerated natural regeneration of valuable natural


Where Can I buy Snail White miracle Intensive Repair:

There are plenty of places where you could buy your one but the one I recommend is from Barua Shop  Very fast replies, friendly and highly recommended to buy from them as they deliver to you worldwide and also local deliver and pick up as well. the Size is about: 30 ml and for more details on ordering the product I hope you PM Barua Shop.

White Me Up Youth Booster Overnight Mask

White Me Up Youth Booster Overnight Mask Review

 White me up Youth Booster Overnight Mask review: Hello Malissa KISS skincare product lovers and welcome to another trend beauty cream product review. This is another new updates of MALISSA KISS skincare beauty products. The is said to be most Powerful & Innovative Technology containing Instalift Goji and Nio-oxy. Youth Booster over night helps your skin to whitening, brighten, restores skin firmness and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for the most luminous & youthful looking complexion. This is the 3rd edition of the same brand and we will talk  more about the differences between them later.

How to Use: Apply and massage softly and gentle onto the face and neck. Leave it to absorb overnight and wash off in the morning with a cleanser. Recommended to use 3-4 times a week for best results. Caution:  For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from sun light or heat.

White me up sleeping Pack vs Youth Booster Overnight Mask review

White me up Youth Booster Overnight Mask review is a post to learn more on various products produced by KISS Skincare brand. When we heard of the Beauty products by KISS Skincare brand we knew that KISS Skincare Collagen cream was the first one to be so popular among the people and after a great reputation. they introduced the second one called White me up sleeping back and Now, they have improved the better one which is called White me up Youth Booster over night mask. Many of you guys want to know the differences between the first later. Today let’s have look at the two different products between White me up and Youth Booster. Below are the images showing on how the two different creams works differently and what are the similarities and differences.

What is White Me Up Sleeping Pack?

White me up sleeping pack


 White me up Youth Booster Overnight mask

White me up Youth Booster Overnight mask


White me up Youth Booster Overnight Mask review

According to the customer’s review of beautymnl

This is just a small post to give you an idea on White me up and Youth Booster. You can read more on the competitive product called Snail white


How to get traffic using Pinterest

Traffic using Pinterest: How to increase traffic on Pinterest

Traffic using Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the best social site where you can think of in case of getting a huge free traffic to your site and I will be showing you how to increase the traffic by creating boards on Pinterest and finally that helps you to boost  your Pinterest rank in the search bar.


Here the basic idea is that you will need to grow your board among the audience. You need to create some beautiful and eye touching boards those can draw attention to the board you created. I would recommend you to do a search on Pinterest where you can see the top contents or popular contents are most viewed and visited. Once you have created board, then start to visit others post which is related to your board and start to re-blog those post to your board. Do not forget to give a short description of the post you are re-blog. Use some keywords which helps the google to find your board find faster and it will rank you higher in Search Engines in case of SEO.


Getting followers is really hard at the beginning but you do not have to be worried about it as your boards are just created. You just have confident and have passion that you can success in someday in near future. So, share great content related to your niche. search the related post and follow their boards. Once you follow them, they will follow you back and it works this way on Pinterest.


This is going to be the most important part for your board. You will have to take time to engage with others, follow other boards, follow others, comment, re-blog, and sharing your boards to other social networking sites like twitter , stumble up, Facebook and more. The idea is to give get engaged with other readers and content posters.  Once you post or re-blog do not forget to get a bit busy with the contents or post you have on your board and go yo other boards and you can keep on communication with others and get into engagements.

Traffic using Pinterest
Traffic using Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Blog

Social sites are very important to as you all know and Pinterest is one those great high PR social networking sites where you can get your Back-links for unlimited free traffic to your website and your website will be given high priority to rank your blog in the first page of Google and other social networking sites.


3 tips to post on Pinterest


As we know that blogger must post content in the right time as it plays very important role in case of the SEO. Right time to post on Pinterest is very crucial and always try to post in the evening as everyone will be checking their Pinterest account. When you re-blog other’s post you can use schedule the time when you want to post and select the best time.

Eye- Touching Post

This is the secret of all the Pinterest users who want to use Pinterest as blogging platform. You should use the best picture that pays attention to some readers. Let’s say you are the reader and you came across the image how do you see them and do you think the picture is eye touching that makes you to re-blog it and that will work same way as for other reads as you. So, I recommend you to use the best picture or eye touching images for the best re-blog purposes.

Image optimization

When you are uploading your images to Pinterest or when you want to re-blog other’s post you can do it and you must use the keyword and description for the search engines to find your post. Its important to know that Google indexes your post if you have a good keyword and description in your post. Also, when others re-blog you content, then you start to get more followers and traffic to your site. If you have found post on Traffic using Pinterest, you are most welcomed to learn more about 5 Tips to grow massive traffic to your website 

Make Money Online Bangladesh

Make Money Online Bangladesh – Earning Opportunities

Make Money Online Bangladesh is the post that I am going to share with you guys and am pretty sure you are here to check out about making money online in Bangladesh. I would like to welcome you all who has interests in making money for part time or full time. I will share you few tips how you could get your income while you are busy and studying. Making money online is much easier that anything that you could think of. There are many people who won’t share with you how to make money online living in Bangladesh. But, I feel good sharing with others whatever I know and I can promise you that I have never earned anything for sharing this to you. Bangladesh is growing faster and faster in case of making money online. Okay, let’s stick to the point.

Make Money Online Bangladesh with easy tips

Easy Way to Make Money Online in Bangladesh

There are few easy ways you could make money online in Bangladesh. You just have to give time for working and it could be part time and some of the Internet  marketers make money online like working as their primary job from odesk, elance, freelancer, Fiverr and more.

BloggingThis is the easiest way to make money online in Bangladesh. You need to have a computer and access to Internet and then start blogging on the niche you are interested in and start making some revenue while you are taking rest. how often do you have to blog? It’s not that important how long do you have to blog but its about your hard time. working hard makes you more money. Basically, you are going to write someone on your website to make money online using Google Adsense. There are few programs those really pay you and Google Adsense is the top all of those earning programs you could think of. How to make Money by blogging? First you have to have self-hosted or free sub domain websites to make money. If you want to have your personal website and start making money, I suggest you do a review and learn how to do a website. If you are not interested going on a paid domain, I suggest you to create a blogspot blog from and create a free blog on the niche you are passionate about. After creating your free blog, start writing on various types of topics under your niche. Try your best to write everyday as your website is new and continue to be active writer and it will bring you a lot of visitor. Remember, the secret of making money online is your website traffic or visitor. the more visitors to your website/blog the more chance of making money. Once you have good traffic to your site, then you will have an option in your dashboard of your blogger, left side look for Monetize and that is Google adsense and link your google adsense to your blogger and you will soon start making good income while you are sleeping and hope you can earn more by following this tip. Do not forget that if you have an Adsense account could earn from Youtube too. 

If you are interested in Make Money Online Bangladesh via your website or blog, i suggest you to make money from popAds I love this site and I have got some payment too. This is authentic site that pays you. you can see a snapshot below how I could make some money with little website traffic. 

make Money Online Bangladesh using Popads

There is another site that is authentic and pays you too. If you are interested you can join you can check the snapshot how I made few bucks without a lot of traffic and this is just to make sure that they pay you.

Make money online in Bangladesh with popcash

Fiverr: This is a market place where you can buy or sell your gigs. if you are buyer you could buy as low as 5$ for any gigs you buy and if you are selling any gigs you can sell for $5 or negotiate with a custom rate. Working with Fiverr is so friend, prompt, easy, convenient and authentic side that pays you for working for others. I have been using fiverr site for sometimes for buying some gigs. How to make money from fiverr? well~ some of you guys might be wandering how to make money. I will take you through the step by steps to make you clear on Make Money Online Bangladesh. (a) go to and sign up as seller. (b) confirm your account (c) complete your profile with proper and correct information like your experiences, abilities, things you can do, things you offer, services you provide etc. Fiverr is a site popular for writing, you can help others to write for them, writing can be anything as long as what the buyer is looking for. It could be starting from Internet marketing to anything like college, university writing, SEO, Backlinks, Website creator, site designer and more common things you can offer to people. I recommend you to go though the official Fiverr website and you will have ideas on it. (d) create a gig with complete information with services you offer and put the your working/service rate (e) Payments are made via Paypal and credit cards. Fiverr is one of the best market place for both buyers and sellers to make money and to buy services for yourself.

Bikroy: This is a Bangladeshi Online Market place where you can sell your second hand products like mobiles, Computers, anything that you think you do not like to have it you can open an account in Bikroy and sell to others. That’s another way of making money online living in Bangladesh.

eCommerce Website: If you want to Make Money Online Bangladesh, you can start making a eCommerce site for products you want to sell to local and International customers where buyers can come to your site and order from your website. if you don’t know how to make an eCommerce site you can hire someone from Fiverr to do it for you in no time.

If you are living in Bangladesh and interested to make money online then you can get these tips to adopt for yourself to earn soon. I hope you liked this post and if you have found this post helpful, kindly share with your friends. You can read more about  Make Money Online Bangladesh

Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh

Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh

Collagen day night cream review Bangladesh: I am going to post another product review for Bangladeshi girls who wanna buy this  beautiful collagen day and night cream for their skin care. I heard about this product a lot and I checked in google for details of this beautiful Product that  people are talking about. Then, some testimony that, it can cure an acne.. (i do not know how true is the testimony unless i try it myself). i got a little problem on my back. some acne on my back. I hated it! and I almost do an appointment with the doctor  to do laser! or whatever not to have it on my back. I have ordered it from Thailand Cosmetics Bangladesh to use for myself. Beauty Cream: Collagen beauty skin cream instantly hydrates and provides new energy to dull and lacklustre skin to revive radiance. Formulated with several vitamin C, AHA, Moisturizer, and vitamin E. I hope you find the below information useful on Collagen Day Night Cream Review Bangladesh .Collagen cream day night review Bangladesh

How to use 

After essence, apply a suitable amount on palm and gently massage into face and neck.  Use sun cream in the morning and whitening cream in the evening


A: Vaselin, Lanoline, Beeswax, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Parfum, Aqua, Propyl Paraben, Triethanolamine, CL15985.
B: Stearic Acid, Lanolin, Parfum, Aqua, Prpyl Paraben, Triethanolamine.

Collagen Beauty Soap

Collagen Day and night Cream review Bangladesh is going to help you another new combination product Collagen Beauty soap also another new product by the same company which you can trust. If you have tried the collagen day night cream do not miss this soap as it helps you getting rid of your acne and highly recommended to use together with day night cream. Let’s see how the collagen beauty soap can help you:

  1. Day 1   Yup it still there(the acne) smiling at me on my back.
  2. Day 2  Oh no, i feel like a sand texture.
  3. Day 3  I’m using dove soap, cause i forget about the soap
  4. Day 4  Back on the track
  5. Day 7  Wow!  I  think it OK, because my back feel slightly smooth
  6. Day 10  I think the acne scar are slowly disappear
  7. Day 14  I look at my brother back.. wow it improve a lot.

collagen plus vit e day night cream soap

Benefits of Collagen Day and Night cream

Collagen Day and Night simply works great if you continue to use it. You can see the results of before and after in 5-10 days maximum and once you notice the  improvements you gonna love the collagen day night cream for sure. Here are the major benefits you can expect from using it.

  • Reduces your Skin Lightening & Dull Skin Problems fast
  • Makes Skin Softened
  • Reduce Acne Problems & Black Spot on your face
  • Acne Scar Fading Effect
  • Moisturize Skin for smoother looking
  • Prevent Signs of Aging Like Wrinkles and anti-aging
  • Makes Skin Feel refreshed & Fresh Fluffy All Day

Benefits of Collagen Beauty Soap

  • makes Lightened and brighter interface
  • clear and smoothness skin
  • Makes your skin look firmer
  • Moisturize dry skin gradually and stabilize oily skin
  • Reduce and eliminate scars caused by acne
  • Reduce acne and pigmentation Problem
  • Removes blackheads and Shrink Pores
  • Makes skin firming face white and radiant
  • Overcome dull skin and dark patches under the eyes

Benefits of Collagen Beauty Toner

  • Treating oily skin and acne contain Lemon extract that help fight bacteria that cause acne
  • Refreshing cleaning the skin and restores the balance of the skin
  • Leaves skin and pinkish and Lifting the remnants of dirt
  • producing new skin and Remove dead/dried and old skin

Collagen plus vit E whitening beauty toner


if you want to have best results you can use three products, Wash your face with soap, then use day  and night cream and also finally Collagen Beauty toner. If you constantly use and continue to use  day night creams, soap and toner you will see your skin improvements with high results. I would like to recommend you to buy the ones I got from the good suppler.

Collagen day night cream and soap








 Collagen day and night cream and beauty soap

Collagen day night cream

collagen day vs night cream

Where can I buy?

I have bought Collagen Day  Night cream from Beauty Girls. She is a very good supplier, very friendly, reliable and fast answering to your any queries. If you are interested to buy from her you can contact her to buy for you. I bought from her after reading my reviews which customers left on her wall. I would like to recommend you to her shop as they is selling the best and authentic ones.

Facebook Page:

Mobile: +881932425197

Collagen day night cream review bangladesh








If you loved Collagen Day  Night Cream Review Bangladesh, please share with your friends and share the knowledge. Sharing is caring. You can also check another great Skin care product Snail White Cream

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