How to go to Hua Hin Beach from Bangkok?

Bangkok to Hua Hin Beach

This is a blogger post on how to go to Hua Hin Beach from Bangkok. Firstly this is one the best and favorite Sea beach that I have seen in my experience of other sea beach up to now and I would like to introduce as well for those who have not heard and been at Hua Hin Beach.The distance between Bangkok to Hua Hin is not far and it’s just Only around three hours from Bangkok and Hua Hin Beach is very popular beach resort for both Thais and tourists who really loved those who have been there before. I would say that its really very easy to go to Hua Hin from Bangkok which doesn’t take too long to get there and the prices for the transportation is very reasonable and has 24 hours service by bus and other transportation. Going forward to Hua Hin is not a difficult task at all and not confusing as well. For those who are hoping to travel to Hua Hin Beach from Bangkok, I am going to show up of the interesting tips to go there in various ways.

  1. Hire a car and then drive yourself if you can drive the car to Hua Hin.
  2. Take Train from Bangkok to Hua Hin. There are many classes of Trains and you can select the one that you want and Train will bring you to exactly on the right place just near the Gate of Hua Hin.
  3. Buy Bus Ticket and travel to Hua Hin from Southern Bus Station.
  4. Going to Hua Hin is also possible by Mini Bus orVan. I prefer Van for those who are not able to travel longer time.
  5.  Finally, if you are not sure of all the above, you simple can take a Taxi to Hua Hin which is very easy and just relax  and sleep and finally you will reach to Hua Hin by Taxi. 
The above tips would help if you have interest to go to visit to Hua Hin to see the beauty of Hua Hin Beach and I would say never miss to see Beach like Hua Hin and it’s really very attractive and lovely along resort with many beautifully designed hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, night market and Beautiful Temples. So, don’t feel it’s far and it’s just about 3 hours drive from Bangkok to Hua Hia. Hope you have a great trip. If you want to know anything please leave comments.Also do not forget to read more on Kowloon Cheap Hostels
Bangkok to Hua Hin
Bangkok to Hua Hin

Google+ vs Facebook Traffic which has better traffic? traffic website, get traffic

Google+ vs Facebook Traffic Better results

Google+ vs Facebook Traffic- Facebook is supposed to be the top ranking social networking site. Of course we may not know in the future if Google Plus goes beyond Facebook. Facebook has many features similar to Google+ But some of you have different interest in playing and using these two social networking sites and also for Promoting you web blog.

Google+ vs Facebook, Traffic comparison

There is something different in these two Social Network sites. One thing tat i have noticed from these two social networking sites is that Traffic that i got from Facebook does not remain or stay in my blog longer time but Google+ traffics remains mostly longer times in my blog engaged reading my contents that i have posted.

well, if you have Google Analytic, you can see how long Avg time in site, you can compare between Facebook and Google+ which reads your posts in Blog and The longer time the traffic remains in your blog that means your blog and your blog post will be surely ranked high in Google algorithms  and search Engines.

For the webmasters and Bloggers who are wishing get long term traffic I would like to suggest to go mostly with Google+ because Google+ traffic has more reading Nature compared to Facebook traffics.

get traffic

How to get Traffic from Google plus?

How to get Google plus Traffic to website?

Hello there, This is my first post and i am sure this post is going to help so many of the bloggers who are seeking the ways to get Google Plus traffic to your blogger blog or a website. Today I will show you guys clearly step by step on getting Good Traffic from Google Plus and get high Rank in Google Search Engine. To get started please follow the follow steps in your blog or website.

How to get Google plus Traffic to website?
How to get Google plus Traffic to website?
  1.  You create a Google+ or Google Plus Profile. Give your Information according to your wishes and Fill up the Profile information and upload some of your Beautiful Pictures.
  2.  In the second step you have to connect with your old friends and other active members.
  3. Create circles and make different categories so that its easy for you to communicate with your friends and members.
  4. Firstly, you have to get more followers and you have to add others to your circles. Add as much as possible. Once you add other members to your circles they will be notified and they will certainly Add you back to their circles. here I mean, add unlimited members to your circles because when you are going to share some of the content you have to either share with your circles and who ever in your circles will see once you post the content.
  5. Firstly, Draw attention of other members. Upload funny Pictures and Videos. Once they like the content you upload, they will press +1 or share with other members which means good for you.
  6. Finally, Comment to other posts because if you comment, other members will see and they will add you to their circles and once more people add you to their circles, your post will be more popular and the more popular or hits your contents get… the better search engines picks up your content or website posts that you share in Google Plus. I hope this is very easy and simple to follow. If you have any difficulties, please ask me any time and I will be right there to assist you any time.


Increasing Google plus Traffic to website

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