Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review World’s Luxurious Hotel

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review. In the 1920s, Hong Kong had a knack for attracting wealthy people and their money. For one thing, Hong Kong was the final stop on the trans-Siberian railroad, which meant that some of the social elite from as far away as Europe would be rolling into town. Also, ocean liners frequently docked in Hong Kong Harbour, and their passengers shared a couple common threads with those that rode the rails: Both needed a place to spend the night and both had ample amounts of cash in their pockets. Lets look at how the rooms are look like below on Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review.

Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review

In an effort to provide these well-to-do individuals with proper accommodations, the Peninsula was born.

The Peninsula is a Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong

The Peninsula, also known as the “Pen” had fewer than 200 rooms when it opened in 1928 and an expansion in 1994 brought the room total up to 300. However, what the Peninsula lacks in size, it makes up for in opulence. The guests who frequent this Hong Kong hotel are used to the finer things in life, and the Peninsula delivers.

The Peninsula would happily greet its guests at the airport. The guests would be brought to their hotel in a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. However, a luxury hotel of this caliber can’t have its clients riding in ‘dated’ transportation. In an effort to upgrade the fleet of aging autos, the Peninsula placed an order for more of England’s finest. Soon, 14 Rolls-Royce Phantoms would grace the property. This would represent the largest single order that Rolls-Royce had ever received, and each would feature “Peninsula Green” paint.

Of course, even when riding in the lap of luxury, the streets of Hong Kong can fray the nerves. Happily, the 1994 expansion included a helipad on the roof of the 30 story tower. The Peninsula owns a helicopter, and transfers from the airport, above the chaos of the street, takes less than 20 minutes.

Luxury Accommodations at a Hong Kong Hotel – Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review

Upon arrival, guests at the Peninsula can chose from several different room and suite options. Peninsula Hotel Kong Kong Review is going to sharing you some of the rates and Here are a few:

  • Superior RoomFor around $500 per night, this is the entry level room. These rooms have around 450 square feet, and are located in the original building. Enjoy the mood lighting and hands-free phone.
  • Grand Deluxe Harbour View Room For about $700 per night, guests get a commanding view of Hong Kong Harbour. These rooms are high in the tower, and feature electronic curtain controls, fabulous marble bathrooms, bathrobes and slippers.
  • Deluxe Suite In the original building, these 1300+ square foot suites feature flat screen TV, private fax machine and bathroom scale. All this luxury costs between $1100-$1400/night.
  • Peninsula Suite From the top of the new tower, these 4000+ square foot suites offer the best harbour view in Hong Kong. A mini-gym, private executive office and multiple flat screen TVs are at your disposal. Also included is a Chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, available 24 hours a day. (This is great for those late-night beer runs.)

Obviously, these rooms and their rates aren’t for everybody, but the guests at the “Pen” are accustomed to all the decadence. Among these discerning guests is the greatest spy in the world, James Bond. Agent 007 stopped by 1974, while matching wits with The Man with the Golden Gun. If you loved Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong review post do not forget to check other post on Cheap Hostel Guest House Mansion Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon or another post on Bishop Lei International House Review



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