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Snail White Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Cream

Snail White Products

This is anther post on Snail white Products where you will all get the new updates by Namu Life. Honestly, I have done few post on snail white products and update the post with few more information on the snail white product.  The product has been very popular and according to the customers reviews and feed backs it has worked out  to their skins. Some of them might found that the cream did not work for them but the majority of people got positive results. Always we can keep in mind that we all have different types of skins and the creams or snail white products works differently too on each skins. I was one of those girls out there with a face full of pimples, dark spots, oily and dark face. I did not love it and always feel down to myself while going out, going to university and friends recommended many products which I gave them a try. Unfortunately! None of those products worked for me. I came to read few successful customers reviews on Snail White after recommendation by one of my close friend from Thailand. She introduced me the product and I totally did not know what the product was all about but reading more  about it was so curious due to the unhappiness and sadness that was hidden in me. So, I gradually learnt a lot from online and most people seemed to be satisfied with the product and it made me to give it a try keeping in mind to have a dream skin.

Snail White Before and After review

I ordered Snail white from Thailand from a top rated seller and the seller shortly delivered me the product by Express delivery. I was so much joyful to receive the product  and cant wait to give it a try.  it was very lovely box, I loved at first impression on it. I read the instructions on how to use snail white and saw many tutorials from Youtube too. Now lets study about the snail white product straightforward  in depth.

A  study of Snail White Facial Cream- what is it in depth?

Snail white Facial cream: Snail secretion filtrate moisture facial cream 50ml

Innovative anti-aging cream formulated with snail secretion filtrate to ensure efficacy of the cream.  simultaneously protects the skin from future damage. Skin transforms to a more youthful beginning-reduced fines lines and Wrinkles, improved firmness, elasticity, brightness and re-hydrating the skin. The snail secretion filtrate is Extracted from the Roman snails; Helix snails. The snails are fed with red Ginseng powder during the process. Case study has shown that the snail secretion filtrate

Contains natural ingredients like:

  • Glycoaminoglycan
  • Elastin
  • Collagen
  • Vitamins
  • Allantoin
  • Glycolic Acid

Snail White

Snail white’s secret ingredients

Deionized water, snail secretion filtrate, panax Ginseng callus culture Extract, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica Extract, Zingiber officinate (Ginger) root Extract, Alpha Bisabolol, Lavendula Stoeechas Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii, Niacinamide BP (Vitamin B3), Fragaria Vesca (Strawberry) fruit Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Morus Nigra fruit Extract, Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) Extract, Prunus Avium (sweet Cherry) Extract, Pentanediol, Allantoin, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Sodium Polyglutamate or Natto Gum, Henoxyethanol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, PEG-90M.


Snail White’s Benefits you could expect

  1. A healthier, brighter and firmer skin.
  2. It reduces acne scars, stretch marks, rashes, dark spots and freckles.
  3. With the qualified active ingredients, a smoother, softer and moisturize skin awaits you.
  4. It controls oil and re-hydrates the skin
  5. It reduces the cause of acne and irritation of the skin from sunlight and pollution.
  6. Enhancing the creation of collagen and elastic, accelerates new skin cells renewal, regenerates damaged skin and prevent dryness and dullness.
  7. It delays ageing and reduces wrinkles and expressions lines.
  8. As each individual has a different skin type, consistent usage of snail-white twice daily will be beneficial and see visible results, giving a youthful and beautiful skin.

Snail white’s Tips: How to use

Apply twice daily for a smoother, firmer, brighter and denser appearance. For best application, waken the cream between your fingers and gently pat onto skin. The cream will absorb onto skin in a few seconds. It will be used as a moisturizer before applying make-up. Hope you have a great skin and if you loved the post do not forget to share with your friends and others so that they could be benefited by this post. Also, I did another post on Collagen Day and Night Cream review if you are interested in knowing more about it.

Snail white cream

Snail White Cream Review سنيل وايت

Snail white cream: Talking about the Namu Life would take a long time but we will have a review on all the products by Namu Life later. But, I will be happy to show you review on Namu life cream and hope you are reading right from the beginning till the end. The cream has been originally from Korea and came to some of the Asian Beauty Markets such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. the cream seems to be growing more and more day by day throughout the world and most importantly it’s entering into the European and Western beauty Markets for Snail white cream and other beauty products by Namu Life.
snail white cream Review

Overview of snail white

Snail white cream is the official Product name by Namu Life Brand. Snail white Cream has been the best top sellers product in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Brunei. The Brand has been the people choice and whenever there is a new Product out by Namu Life, it becomes very popular and busy on the net regarding the Namu Life products and most importantly you can see on TV screens and on the ways advertising the new products. Snail white cream is manufactured in Thailand. Many people and distributions are buying Snail white from Thailand more than any other products. of course, there are many popular beauty products too but Snail white stands unique in the case of true beauty lovers knowing how it works and had given a lot of trust to the users.

what are the benefits by Namu Life snail white

Snail white  helps to smoother your skin, making your skin whitened, freckles, reducing your dark spots and scars, makes your skin softened and moisturized, most essential it does reduce your roughness of your skins .Snail white cream is a facial cream that is manufactured in Thailand and has passed the TFDA (Thailand Food and Drug Administration) certificate. This cream is available everywhere like stores, shops, online. you would not find it hard to find this cream that long as long as you know want you to buy this cream. If you are first time buyer or just heard of the cream, you are advised to read or do some research on the cream on different websites before buying it as there are many fake ones as well. When we know that cream has been very popular, it means the cream has a great value of benefits and that’s why people are talking about and the cream became top sellers. Well, however, we can check the major benefits that you can get from it.
  • Naturally, makes your skin Soft, clears acne and looking lighter and healthy skin.
  • Helps to accelerate Rough skin and also will stimulate newer cells to your skin
  • Reduces wrinkles, feeling refresh, you will feel like your skin being changed
  • This cream helps you to cure blacks spots, scars where your skin has redness and reduces the scars problems by stimulating the skin healed.
  • Once you start using the cream, it will Reduce allergy symptoms rash, your skin irritation and reduce inflammation, reduce the swelling.
  • most importantly, what the cream does is to Reduce inflammation of acne and Helping control it.
  • Finally, you will feel younger, refresh softened, refreshed, being moisturized and healthier skin ever.
snail white Cream by Namu life promises the users of getting the benefits like skin whitening, looking younger, smoother your skin, making your skin whitened, freckles, reducing your dark spots, scars, makes your skin softened and moisturized, most essential it does reduce your roughness of your skins.
  • Name: Snail white (cream)
  • Size: 50 gram
  • Brand: Namu Life
  • Manufactured in: Thailand
  • Directions to use: Use daily basis, after the shower, apply gently and wait and let it absorbs until next morning.
how to use snail white cream


 Where to buy it: best places?
Buying snail white cream is very easy. you can buy from online websites like Ebay, amazon, official websites of snail white or any websites those are authentic and even you can buy them when you are in Thailand at any convenient stores like 7/11, Big C, the Malls,Macro, Lesco Lotus (some areas) and physical shops in Thailand. The price of  cream is reasonable. you can get around 750-800 depending on the number of pieces you buy. If you are interested in buying snail white cream. you can purchase from right from here by clicking below for the number of pieces you are interested. Prices are very good for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything like looking for wholesale prices or cheaper. Below are the prices of snail white cream purchase.

Is snail white cream suitable for my skin type?

This is one the important question I think. There are many users who had serious skin problems. before using the snail white you need to check out the ingredients for making you more clear if it really makes your skin better or worse Or you could go to your near doctors for consulting the ingredients or the cream is okay to your skin type. As far as you wanna be beauty lover and want to try this cream for becoming beautiful would recommend you to see the doctor first if you are having serious skin problems.

Authentic and Fake snail white 

If you are buying snail white cream, you need to buy the authentic snail white and it would not be hard to recognize of both authentic and fake snail white. when you see the cream, you need to observe if it is by Namu Life and below pictures would make it clearer to understand or give an image of the subject.

authentic and fake snail white cream



3 Things to know about Snail White

3 Things to know about Snail White, I decided to make a blog post on  it to help those who did not know and have no ideas on this item to help them know better more in this beautiful product. This post is for those who kept me asking what is it? how does it works? Is it authentic? how to recognize original and fake cream, where to buy with best prices in Thailand and more related questions would be answering your queries in this post.

Snail white cream

Snail white has been one of the best skin care product for you right there and today I am going to share a post with you guys on Snail white cream review. In this post you will learn more about 3 things to know about snail white cream, how to use, how to differentiate original and fake snail white, where to buy, what are the benefits you can expect from it.

 หอย ทาก Snail white Review

This is a Thai skin care and cosmetics company, manufacturing a wide range of beauty products. Cream contains snail mucus and has collagen very similar to that found in human skin tissue. Other ingredients include, hadronic acid, another constituent of skin which helps keep skin hydrated, Centella Asiatics extract and lavender. Snail white cream is FDA certified and priced reasonably.

Benefits of Snail white effectiveness

There are many great feed backs from this product from the people who used and there are plenty of reviews on snail cream as well and all you have to do it just do a better research before you order one for your skin. Its benefits include,

  • Protecting skin from sun’s UV radiation
  • Helps remove stretch marks caused after pregnancy.
  • Stimulates the production of new skin cells
  • Skin retains water and is not dehydrated

Helps to heal wounds and acne faster. The above mentioned 3 things to know about snail white will help you to decide if you are interested to buy one. I suggest you get more reviews on YouTube and get ready to buy one for you. Well~ I have seen many sellers and recommends who aren’t sure where to buy the best and authentic snail white for you. I am not selling the cream but I have been to the original place where they sell it. If you are interested, I can recommend the best places with far cheap and original, the places where you can buy this original cream is in Bangkok, Thailand. However, if you want to know the places, I can recommend and kindly leave your comment if you are interested about this or what is your opinion about this product?  do not forget to check on Mist by Namu life

Snail white - Snail white cream - Snail white cream review, 3 things to know about Snail white cream